100+ Names for fast food restaurants to inspire you

In this post, there are name ideas for fast food restaurants to help you come up with a good and attractive name for your fast food business.

Fast food business is a very competitive business, but one thing that can help you stand out is a good name that is short and easy to pronounce.

The names below are selected with the competitive nature of fast food business in mind so that any of the names you decide to use can help give a good image of your business.

Below are names for fast food restaurants


Food on the go

Baked Aroma

Foodie wheel

Food creel

Wanting meal

Food pep

Tummy police

Diety pack

Nosh reel

Cuppy solids

Gin grub

Face chow

For all tuck

Vee vivers

Your eats

Street rations

Bread for all

Eat rolls

Affordable packs

For immediate hung

Eats domain

Add ena

Fast food restaurants name ideas

Fast pasta

Quick and satisfying

Fulfilling packs

Bags of joy

Valu eats

Cooked rocks

Food in pictures

Zinc zoom

Nutri avail

Food quickie

Quickie vivers

Street refuel

Happy man strong man

Eats beta

Enjoyable rolls

Portable Comestibles

Eatables papers

Handful packs

Window fry

Insta fry

What are good names for restaurants

What are good names for restaurants

Below are names of some existing fast food restaurants to inspire you come up with your own unique name.

It also gives you an idea on how restaurant businesses are being named.




Panda Express

Dairy queen

Pizza Hut

Taco bell


Burger King




Domino’s Pizza

Little Caesars

Jack in the box

Panera bread

Jimmy John’s

In-N-out Burger

White castle



Chipotle Mexican grill

Dunkin’ Donuts LLC


Additional best names for fast food restaurants

Burger zip


Paper eats

East eats




Capital F food

Hung healers

Smily cheeks

20s eats

Line food

Handful handy

Food with spoon

For man tummy

With chips


Add burger

Pizza Vittles

Fan grub

Fast food restaurant name generator

Light eats

Green grub

Mr title

Mr belly

Food like red

Of tummy

Food proper

Food options

Just foody

Tails eats

Lina sense

Ava folds

Grub dons.

Sea of teeth

Pack full rolls

Donuts zoom

SCP(small chpis packs)

Burgerly rolls

Handful papers

Above are 100+ names for fast food restaurants to help you name your fast food business.

Tips on how to name your fast food business.

Try to come up with catchy, short name.

You can use your name.

The type of food you want to sell should be considered when deciding a name.

If you plan to expand your business in the future, use a name that can represent all the types of food you want to sell.

Most of the names above are available to be registered as domain names. So you can check the availability of the name you want to use.

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