20 best photo editing free softwares and Apps

In this post i am going to list the best free photo editing softwares for PC and phones.

Some of the apps are freemium some are free while some are 100 premium with trial period.

The type of photo editing you want to do will determine the type of photo editor software or app you will use.

You may want to edit a personal, family picture or the one that you want to upload on your website, social media page, or any other picture.

Below are the best free photo editors for phones.

Picsart Photo & Video Editor

It is a popular application for photo and video editing. They have a billion downloads. With more than 150 million active users.

They have so many feature that you can use to create or edit any picture of your choice.

There is a library of stickers created by content creator like you, some are free to use, some you need to upgrade to premium plan.

There are many other powerful tools like Effects, Retouch, Cutout, Text, Addphoto, fit to screens, Brushes, Border, Lens flare and many more to help you edit your picture with ease.

I use this app for photo editing and i can tell you that with their free plan, you can edit your picture in anyway you want.

But there are more powerful features in their premium plans.


Canva is one of the leading photo and video editing softwares they have millions of downloads and calimed that more than 7 billion designs have been created with their app.

The software can be used on PC and they also have Apps for smartphones.

You can create almost anything you can think of with Canva and edit your video or picture in anyway you like.

Although they have premium services, but with their free package you can create whatever you want.

There are pre designed templates of anything you want to create and they are 100 customizable, or you can begin your project afresh.

Canva is one of my favourites photo editors and i recommend it for any type of editing.


This is another good option when it comes to photo editing.

You can use it on PC or on phones and it is free.

Though Pixlr does not have all the sophisticated features of photo editing, but the app has all the basic photo editing features.

You can use it to edit your picture quickly and is very easy to use.

They have premium features but you can edit your picture and save it with their free features satisfactorily.


This is a very good photo editing app that allows you to edit any part of your face.

You can make your picture to smile, frown, change the colour of your hair, brighten your eyes, remove pimples, smooth out your skin, and many more.

They also have makeup and makeover tools that you can use to edit your picture to your satisfaction. With this app you can easily do photo editing on iphone and android.

If you want to do photo editing to remove background, facetune2 is one of the best app to help you with that.

They claimed to be the best selfie editor app, and have more than 100 million users. Apart from their constant ads and asking you to upgrade, i would have rated it as the best.

Although it is a premium app but you can use many of its features for free and save your edited picture.


When it comes to ease of use. VSCO is among the best easy to use photo editors.

They don’t have so many features of photo editing but you can do the basic photo editing with this app on your iphone or Android.

They have premium features but with the free features, you can edit your picture without limitations.

Photoshop Express

This is a simple photo editing free software by Adobe.

You can do the basic photo editing with this app like apply border, blur, remove red eyes, remove background and many more.

Some of the features are free but some are premium.

It is one of the best photo editing for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and many other social media platforms, and you can share your work with one tap on these platforms.

YouCam Perfect

When it comes to selfie editing you can pick YouCam perfect and it will do the perfect work for you.

Before you take selfie with this app, you can edit your lips colour, whiten your teeth, refine nose, enhance your eyes, make yourself smile and much more.

Photo editing to remove background is made easy with this app, unlike some apps that you can only replace the whole background of your image, with YouCam perfect you can remove individual items you don’t want on the background of your image.

You can remove other people in the image, and there are many other special features that are peculiar to this app that can help you beauty your image.

The app also works on iPhones and Android.

Though there are premium features but there are also many free features that can help you with photo editing.

They claimed to have 800 million downloads.


If you want a completely free photo editor, snapseed can be what you are looking for.

It is a simple to use photo editor by Google.

The app has all the basic features of photo editing and even some of the advanced features. In terms of ease of use, i will give this app 100%.

Photo Editor pro

This photo editor is a good choice when you want to do the basic editing. That is especially if you want to use their free features.

They have many premium features that can help beautify your images.

Some of this app special features are body editor for slimming body and face, multiple hairstyles, muscles and tattoos stickers, and many other advanced photo editing features.


Another 100% free photo editing app.

Unlike other free photo editing apps that have only the basic features of photo editing, Cymera has almost all the advanced features.

Another good thing about this app is its beauty selfie camera. It allows you to take a beautiful selfie and edit it with some amazing features before you can save it.

This app could be the best free for photo editing, because unlike its competitors that disturb you with pop under apps, this app doesn’t disturb its users with so many annoying ads.

Sweet selfie

This is another popular selfie app and photo editor.

They have lots of advanced features some for free and some for premium features.

It is easy to use, but the downside of this app is that if you are using it for free, they will stamp your selfie with their logo.

But you can edit and save your pictures without their stamp. Another annoying thing with this app is that they have too many pop up ads.

But it is amazing and millions of people are using it to take selfie and edit pictures.

Sweet snap

If you want a snapchat like app, Sweet snap might be your choice.

It is for selfie only and has all the advanced features you need to edit your selfie. Although with premium features, but you can edit your selfie with their free features and save it.

The downside is that, they will stamp your selfie with their logo. If you want to remove the stamp, you have to buy their premium plan.

Millions of people are using it to take and edit selfie.


This is an open source photography software that has so many features of photo editing.

It is a free photo editing and file management tool.

It is the community of photography nerds that developed this software and it is 100% free, others that have the required skills are also encouraged to contribute to the development of this software.

Any editing with Darktable is easily reversible and it supports Windows, Mac OS and many other operating systems.

It helps keep your Images organized and easy to access. The updates for the software is previously being released once in a year but from 2021 they have started releasing updates twice a year.


This is a photo editing app that is completely free for mobile users.

This app is very easy to use for photo editing and it has some of the good features you need to beautify your image.

You can edit images from your gallery using this app or snap one with the app camera and edit it. The app has millions of users that are giving it good reviews.


This is another easy to use photo editor app that you can use to beautify your images on your phone.

It allows you to use many advanced features for free, these features includes 3D effects, 1000 plus multi colour filters, 70+ professionally designed filters and many more.

But some features are locked for premium users only, if you don’t want to be seeing ads and want to unlock all the features of this app, you need to upgrade to premium plan.


Another free photo editing software for PC and they have app for mobile phones.

It is an open source software that supports different platforms like mac OS, Windows, and many more.

If you have the required skills, you are allowed to contribute to the development of this software.

It can be used for any type of photo manipulation, if you can imagine it, GIMP can help you make it a reality.


It is a free online photo editor.

You don’t need to download anything to use this software as you can use it with your web browser on PC or Smartphone to edit your picture.

However, there are simple ads to help generate money for the software development, but if you don’t like the ads, you can upgrade to premium plan at $9 a month. That’s another way of helping the developers.

Lumii photo editor

It is a 100% free photo editing app for smartphones.

You can use this app to edit your picture even if you don’t have any photo editing skills and even share it on Instagram, Facebook, snapchat and many social media platforms.

Despite being free app, Lumii has advanced photo editing features that you can use to beautify your images with ease.

You can do almost any type of photo editing with this app.

Photo Lab picture

Unlike other photo editors, this app has pre designed templates of animated and non animated pictures.

You should browse the templates and find the one that you want your picture to look like, click it and upload your picture.

Some of the templates are customizable, after you finish editing, you can download it.

Some of the templates are free but some you need to buy their premium plan to use them. It is simple way to edit picture.

The downside of this app is that if you are using their free plan, they will stamp their logo on your edited images.

Neon Art

This app is easy to use for photo editing.

Although with premium features, the application also has so many free features which you can use to manipulate your image.

It is good for changing the background image, Adding text, stickers, has beauty selfie camera, and many other advanced features.

Good thing about this app is that it automates many photo editing tasks, you don’t need to do it manually.


With the above reviews i hope that you are able to find the best free photo editing software or app to use.

Above are Photo editing softwares and Apps that are perfect for editing images and uploading on social media or sharing with family and friends.

There are also photo editing softwares for professional photo editing.

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