35 available .com domain names for finance blogs

Domain names for finance blog

Do you want to start a blog about finance but don’t know what domain name to use? makes it easy for you with the list of available .com domain names that you can pick and register to start your blogging journey.

In this posts you will also learn how to make money with your finance blog and how to get Organic traffic.

I have also picked some blogs about personal finance to show you so that you can be inspired.

But first thing first. Below are the list of .com available domain names that are related to finance blogs.

Above are the 35 available .com domain names that are related to finance blogs.

I recommend you use ionos to register your domain name, depending on your location, you can get it for $1. They also give domain privacy for free.

If you want to get the domain name for free, you can use Bluehost or Greengeeks, you have to buy their web hosting to enjoy the offer.

Examples of blogs on personal finance

Below are examples of best blogs on personal finance. I listed them to inspire you to start your own personal finance blog.

I assumed that you are already familiar with money management in real life, that can help you to take your blog to promise land.

I also listed these blogs to help others that are looking for personal finance blogs for self improvement, how to manage their money and other money related issues.

This is a website that help people, especially Investors to manage their money and other investments tips.

They publish financial information and make it easy to understand and help the users to make an informed decision.

Investopedia reaches 20 million people each month. They have visitors from all over the world.

Some consider it to be the best personal finance blog. They have a team of publishers that are expert in finance who are constantly making fresh content for their visitors. Investopedia won many awards and they are improving every day.

The balance

This is another good example of best blogs on personal finance, it is very large and has a team of experts on financial matters.

They cover almost all the aspects of personal finance, ranging from how to pay off student loan, best loans for car finance, tips on how to get personal loans, how to make a budget, retirement plan and many more.

They have been online for more than 20 years and have millions of readers every month.


This is one of the largest personal finance blogs for women.

Its main purpose is to help women to ditch debt, save money and build real wealth.

They have many free courses on personal finance.


This is a blog that has been online since 2009. They provide reviews and comparisons on financial products so that they help you make an informed decision.

They provide details on credit cards, Loans, Insurance, retirement, Car finance, Banks Account, Mortgage and many more.


This is another personal finance blog that encourages people about financial independence and early retirement.

It was started by J.D Roth in 2006 to share what he learned and how he dug out of debt. He said he wants to show people how to master their money and life.

How to start a Finance blog

Starting a blog is easy.

You need Domain name, and web hosting to get started.

You can read my full guide on how to start blogging, i covered all that you need to know.

How to make money with finance blog

Many finance bloggers stated that they make money from the following sources:

Display Ads: Examples are AdSense,, Ezioc

Affiliate Marketing: You can join Affiliate programs through Affiliate networks like,,, Amazon Associates.

Sponsored post: This is when a company pays you to review their product or make a post about their products for awareness.

To read the full list of ways to monetize your blog go to my post on how to make money with your blog

Low competition keywords for finance blogs

As a new blogger, you should target low competition keywords that can help bring tons of traffic to your blog.

I made it easy for you, at least for your first 10-50 blog posts in terms of keywords to use or target.

Below are what you should write your blog post around.

Personal finance books for beginners

The above keyword has 170 monthly search volumes and $0.88 CPC.

Here are some personal finance books for beginners:

  • The millionaire next door by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  • Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason

Personal Finance Quotes

This keyword has 260 monthly search volumes with $6.19 CPC. You can also call them money quotes.

Some of the best personal finance quotes are:

Every time you borrow money, you’re robbing your future self.

Nathan W. Morris

If you keep doing the wrong thing perfectly, you would keep struggling perfectly.

Segun Alonge Jr

Too many people spend money they buy things they don’t impress people that they don’t like.

Will Rogers

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs

“You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you.”

Dave Ramsey

Personal finance online class

This Keyword has about 260 monthly search volumes with $11.67 CPC

Some of the personal-finance online Classes are:

Brigham Young University’s Personal finance courses

They are free.

Khan Academy also gives free online courses related to Personal finance.

Power of paycheck planning This is a free personal finance online course that teaches about how to create budget, track your spending and so on.

Personal Finance Advisor

This keyword has 2,900 monthly search volumes with $31.43 CPC.

Finance advisors are professionals that help individuals and companies with investment, spending, money management decisions.

To learn more about financial Advisors, their salaries, duties, and see some of the best financial Advisors, read the following articles.

Financial Advisor – Overview, Roles and Responsibilities, Salaries

Personal Financial Advisors

Best Financial Advisors 

Personal Finance Planning

This Keyword has 2,400 monthly search volumes with $14.52 CPC.

For full understanding of personal finance planning and how to create your own financial plan, read the following.


Ten Steps To Creating A Solid Financial Plan For Yourself

Build your own financial plan

App for personal finance

This Keyword has 1,600 monthly search volumes with $5.32 CPC.

Some of the personal finance Apps are:

  • Money Manager expense & budget
  • Money manager expense tracker
  • Monefy
  • Wallet
  • Fast Budget

Personal finance definition

This keyword has 1,300 monthly search volumes with $8.14 CPC.

Personal finance refers to managing an individual or a family unit’s money, spending, saving, and investing it.

For deep understanding of personal finance you can read this

Personal finance podcast

This keyword has 1000 monthly search volumes with $18.66 CPC.

Some of the personal finance podcast are:

  • How to money
  • Jill on money
  • The financial confessions
  • Planet money.


I hope the domain names i listed above will help you set up your finance blog.

I also mentioned some finance blog examples that you can look at for inspiration.

Just like any other blogs, you can make money with your finance blog, that is why i mention the various ways you can earn with your finance blog.

I have also mentioned some low competition keywords that you can target in order to get more traffic to your blog. To understand how to write your blog post, read this ultimate guide on writing blog

If you like this post, share it with your friends and colleagues or pals on your social media page.

Tell me what you think in the comment section or if you have questions, you can ask.

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