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5 Essential Backlinks Strategies every new blogger should know

Are you a new blogger and want to start building backlinks? Below are ways you should use to build quality backlinks that can increase your blog traffic and domain authority.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are links from another website or blog that point to your pages or posts.

When you have backlinks from many blogs or websites with high DA, it can help you rank higher on search engines like Google and Bing.

Backlinks are among the best SEO strategies.

How are backlinks built?

Backlinks are built in so many ways but the most legitimate way of building backlinks is naturally.

Building backlinks naturally means, another blog links to you because they believed your post is valuable and can benefit their visitors.

Link Building Strategies.

As a new blogger, you should have good, unique posts before you should start thinking of building backlinks.

This is because, without posts, on your blog, there is nothing other blogs or websites can link to.

So below is how you should do it:

1. Get backlinks naturally

Write a well-researched topic with facts and references and visual demonstrations. Your blog post should not have only 500 words, especially if your niche is competitive, you should go deep into details of what you are writing about.

When you make claims, back them up with links to the original research, link back to related posts in your blog and add video and images that can help your readers understand what you are talking about, do on the page SEO, by adding description, short, catchy but not misleading title, Separate your blog post into subheadings, don’t write too long sentences or paragraphs.

After writing the blog post, share it on social media, blog directories, and your email list, and don’t forget to ask your visitors to share it on their social media pages.

If your blog post is unique, well researched, and written, you can get backlinks naturally from other blogs and websites.

To learn more on how to write a unique blog post and continue getting posts ideas, read my post on How to write blog post and never run out of ideas

2. Write evergreen content

Evergreen content is what people continuously search about, things like, how to write a CV, how to get rid of belly fat, it goes on and on, it depends on your blog niche.

Evergreen content does not only bring more visitors to your blog, it also attracts the attention of other bloggers and you may end up getting natural backlinks.

3. Reach out to bloggers

Do you think your blog post is worth sharing? Reach out to bloggers that you think their readers will benefit from your blog posts and ask them to share your post on their blogs or social media handles.

You can email them, tell them how useful their blog is and what your blog post contains and tell them why their readers need it.

You can even tell them where they should add your link. That will tell them you truly want to add value to their blog and you are not just looking for backlinks and you have been following them.

Not all of them will respond or even add your blog post on their blog, but some will.

4.Build backlinks from related blogs

Don’t be building backlinks from any website or blog you see.

Build backlinks from blogs that are related to your niche. That can help with your ranking and you will not be penalized by Google for building backlinks from related blogs.

5.Write Guest post

You should look for blogs that are in the same niche with you and accept guest posting.

Guest post is when you write blog post on other blogs.

Normally you will see “write for us” or if you think you have something valuable to write for a blog, you can email them directly.

But don’t write guest post because of backlinks, try to add value to the blog you are writing for. And don’t make guest posts the main source of your backlinks.

Nore Tips on Link building

Comment on relevant blogs

Even though you might not get a dofollow link, try to comment on blogs that are related to your niche.

Try to establish a relationship with the blogger, don’t write one sentence, write like 200 words. Elaborate on what he has written, or if his post needs an update, or you noticed a typo or two, point it out, try to be respectful while doing it.

The blogger might ask you to guest post on his blog, share your post link or give you some helpful tips, you may even end up becoming friends.

Share the posts of other bloggers on your post

You can include the relevant post of other bloggers in your blog post.

After the post is published, email them and tell them how helpful their blog post is and why you shared it. You can even ask them to take a look at your post or your entire blog.

They might also share your blog post.

Take the Domain Authority into consideration

Take the domain authority of the blogs you want backlinks from into consideration.

The higher the domain name authority the better, a domain name with DA of 30 above is good.

Also, submit your blog to relevant blog/websites directories Open social media accounts, join forums like Quora and be active.


A research said that it takes 10 weeks for backlinks to be effective after it has been built, so you need to be patient.

Don’t buy backlinks, Google doesn’t like it and it may lead to your blog being penalized.

Above I have mentioned the strategies of link building for beginners.

I emphasized getting backlinks naturally because it is one of the best ways of link building.

Writing evergreen content can also get you backlinks.

Reach out to bloggers in your niche and build relationships. Write guest posts.

You don’t have a blog? I have written on why you should start blogging and how to make money from it.

Share this post with your friends. Tell me the ways you have followed to build backlinks. If you have not started, tell me which of the ways i have mentioned above would you like to use for link building?

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