50+ .com available technology blog name ideas

If you are a beginner that want to start technology blog and have a had time coming up with a good domain name.

Or you are a pro that wants to start a new project.

This post is for you. I made available domain names for technology blog and they are unique, .com, and easy to remember.

I have also included in this post some keywords with low competition that you can target in your content.

Above are 51 available .com domain names for technology blogs. If you didn’t find the name you like, you can contact me and i will help with more names.

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Keywords with high CPC and low competition for technology blog

Now that you have domain name the next challenge is content creation.

You need to target keywords with high CPC and Low competition so that you can get the best out of the content you want to create.

Depending on the category of technology blog you want to lunch or if you already have one, below i listed some of the keywords with low competition and high CPC which you can use to create your content.

Technology skills this keyword has a very high monthly search of more than 14,000 a month and a CPC of $1.98.

Some may say the CPC is low but as a beginner is a good way to start creating your content, especially, considering the high search volume.

You can write about top 10,20,30,50…. technology skills, Or you can review any technology skill you know, how technology skills affect kids, technology skills in Covid era, technology skills to inspire kids, # of future technology skills,abandoned technology skills, AI, Software development, web development, Data Analysis, if you don’t know how to start, below are some content to inspire you.

Don’t get it wrong, any content example in this post or anywhere on boltrev is not meant to be copied, it’s just to inspire and give you a clue on how to write your own content.


Important Technical Skills With Examples

These will be the top 10 most popular tech skills of 2020

Technology Education or Technology of education these two keywords mean the same thing with same intention.

Each of them has 8,100 monthly search volumes (that is(16,200 searches) and $7.93 CPC.

The keywords are good target if you want to create a content that will rank.

Some content ideas of these keywords are;

Educational Technology: An Overview

Objectives of Educational Technology

Technology Innovation this Keyword has 8,100 monthly search volumes and $4.32 CPC.

You can write about technology Innovations new and old ones. You can also do the top 10….. with this keyword.

Below is a content idea.

Top 10 Latest Technological Innovations

Technology examples This keyword has 2,900 monthly search volume with $2.60 CPC.

This keyword is very easy to create content around, you can use it to write reviews on phones, TV, Computers, wristwatch and many more.

A content idea on this keyword is.

24 examples of technology

Technology globalization This keyword has 2,300 monthly search volumes with $3.90 CPC.

Here you need to write on technology from the world perspective.

Technology Solutions This keyword has 1,900 monthly searches with $11.53 CPC.

With this keyword you can write about societal problems that a particular technology, or collections of technologies have solved.

For example, you can write about typos technology solutions, you can list Grammarly, prowritingaid, Paperrater as examples.

Technology facts this keyword has more than 1000 monthly searches with $3.42 CPC.

You can search and list technology facts, or if you already know some, you can start writing.

When Technology was invented? This keyword has more than 880 monthly searches and $2.41 CPC.

If you know the history or you can search it with good references, you should write content around this keyword.

Technology 3d This keyword has more than 590 monthly searches with $2.82 CPC.

If you know anything about 3D this keyword should be your target.


Coming up with business name or domain name for a blog or website is one of the challenges new content creators face.

That is why i made this list of available domain names for technology blog/website.

I have also given you some keywords with high CPC and low competition to start with.

These keywords will be updated periodically so don’t forget to subscribe to boltrev newsletter to get the updates immediately they are published.

Share this post with your friends and colleagues on social media. And tell me what you think in the comment section.

If you have questions you can ask.

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