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This article answered most of the questions beginners ask about blogging. It explained in simple and layman’s terms what a blog or Weblog is, it also explained how to get a blog domain name, how to start blogging and make money, what is a microblogging, the difference between blog and vlog, and many more, have fun reading.

What is blogging?

A blog is a constantly updated online page, which could also be pages where one shares knowledge of what he knows about a topic, product, experience, and at times make suggestions so that others can make an informed decision. Blogging is the process of doing that. A blog usually contains written texts, pictures, videos, and other media-related items. it’s usually written in a conversational or informal way.

However, one of the most popular blogging platforms, WordPress Defined Blog as a website that maintains an ongoing chronicle of information. Wikipedia also gave an all-inclusive definition of blog as a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

Are the above definitions of blogging still hard for you to understand? You may have questions like, what exactly is blogging? here is your answer, it is all about you knowing about something and telling or teaching others about it, and the funny part is there is no rule on what you should write about, but there are tips on how to do it.

To become successful in blogging one needs traffic, after writing a good article you need as many people as possible to read it and comment what they think of your article, ask questions, or even contribute to making it more complete. That is why you need to either promote your blog or use search Engine Optimization to drive Organic traffic to your blog. A blogger is someone that maintains the blog by updating it with information.

What is the difference between Vlogging and Blogging?

Blogging is writing on a web page with the combinations of pictures, Graphs, etc while Vlogging is making a video of what you have written on the web page or any other thing, like a tutorial and upload on a video sharing site like YouTube. Is vlogging better than blogging? well, this is a matter of preference, do you like writing or do you prefer to express yourself in a video, or both? only you can answer that. But as per this article, we recommend using both for better results. The reasons are Google is the number one search engine in the world and YouTube is the second. But you can become a successful blogger without having a Youtube Channel.

What is micro blogging?

Microblogging is a quick way of blogging where you can send messages in form of one or two sentences, it could also be a picture, audio, or video.

What is an example of Microblogging?

There are many examples of microblogging but the most popular microblogging site is Twitter. Twitter allows its users to send short posts, many politicians and celebrities are using Twitter, there are other microblogging sites like Tumblr, Plurk, Posterous, and many more.

What is the difference between blogging and microblogging?

Blogging needs a Domain name, Web hosting, and platforms like WordPress, and Wix. Blogging gives more control and authority.

Whereas microblogging you only need to open an account with the platform you want to use and you can start posting. However, Your account can be closed at any time if you violate the platform’s policy.

Why is microblogging popular than blogging?

Microblogging is popular than blogging because it costs nothing to start microblogging and your message spread faster.

There is more interaction and engagement with microblogging than blogging, but it is much easier to make money with blogging than with microblogging.

Blogging Examples

To spice you up on the idea of starting a blog, here are some good examples of blogs that you can look up to.

I am a food blog

Iamafoodblog is one of the food blogs best known for blogging about food and traveling, it was started by Husband and His wife 7 years back. Now they are on the first page of Google search.

This blog uses Affiliate Marketing to generate Revenue.

Theverge is another example of blog that blogs about technology. It was established 10 years ago(2011) to examine how technology will change life in the future. is run by multiple people and they generate money through affiliate marketing and Adsense.

This is a personal blog owned by a dietitian, Alex, she blogs about healthy living, Vegetarian cooking, How to cooking videos, and Ingredients shopping tips.

Alex generates Revenue from Affiliate marketing and Adsense.

Kate McCulley travels the world for a living. She has been to countries like Indonesia, Lebanon, Southeast Asia, South Africa, Finland, Antarctica to name but a few. She decided to quit her Job in 2010 and started in 2011, making traveling and blogging her full-time job.

She is monetizing her blog with the Combination of Affiliate marketing and AdSense. She shares her adventures with her readers and makes recommendations on places to visit.

What do I need to start blogging?

I see many questions like, how to have a free blog, you can start blogging free of charge, without spending a dime but its not worth it and no one will take you seriously, except for the purpose of learning, even at that, you should start blogging the right way. So the best advice is don’t start blogging for free. Even if you have already started blogging on a free platform, try to upgrade to premium. Below are what you need to start blogging.


Domain Name

Web Hosting







let us take all the above-mentioned points and explain.

Blog Idea

Some say you should start blogging based on what you know how to do best, well this is true but you should do that by making sure that people want to know about your blog idea.

For example, if you want to start Blog about Food or Travelling, you should search and make sure that sizeable number of people are looking for information on that idea. This will helps to increase traffic to your blog.

It’s very easy to come up with a blog idea, look at the Blogging Examples above, you will see that some started as individuals, some are in groups, some are couples, and some use what they read in school, while some use what they are passionate about to come up with their blog idea. You can also copy that, can you do it alone, or you need to do it with a family member or friend? The topic or niche you decide to open your blog with is what you will be writing about.

Choosing the right Domain Name

What is domain name? A domain name is the name of your website, it is the Unique name that people will use to search for you on the Internet.

Most of the unique Domain names have been taken, but you can still get a unique Domain name that is not registered. There are two ways you can get a Domain name, For sale domain names, are those owned by others, where you have to negotiate the price before you buy, there are those not registered so that you get them directly from the domain registrar.

Try to summon your blog niche or Topic when deciding on Domain name to Choose, the most preferred domain names extensions are .com, .net, .org, and .gov but generally, people prefer.Com Domain names.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with a domain name that is available for your blog, read this article where provided a list of unregistered available domain names.

Web Hosting.

Web hosting or WordPress hosting, since we are talking about blogging on WordPress, is a web service that makes your website available on the internet for people to access.

Hosting Companies store your files, images and what have you and deliver it to anyone that wants to visit your blog from anywhere in the world. It is very important to choose a reliable hosting company for your blog/website.

There are reputable hosting Companies like Dreamhost, and Bluehost.

To read more about web hosting or WordPress hosting, read this article where we answered the most common questions on WordPress hosting by beginners.

Blog Design.

After domain name and WordPress hosting, you need a Theme or WordPress theme to help customize the look of your blog.

A well-designed and easy-to-navigate website or blog makes your readers happy and will improve your search ranking.

There are Free and Premium WordPress Themes, to learn more about how to design your blog and choose the right theme for your blog, read this article where we wrote a detailed tutorial on WordPress themes.


Before starting a blog or writing a blog post you need to make research and know what people are interested in. Maybe you already have a topic you want to write about, don’t just start writing, go to Google, quora, and answerthepublic and search what questions people are asking about that topic, try to answer those questions in your blog post.


Content is one of the most important segments of your blogging. Without content, your blog is useless. So you need well-written content and clearly displayed products if you are into selling Items.

Try to engage your audience in your content, talk to them as if you are talking to your friends explain as much as possible the topic you are writing about, tell them about your personal experience ask them questions at the end of your content, and clearly tell them what they should do.

If you are selling products, upload very clear pictures and all sides and interior of your product, if applicable to your product, explain all the features of your product.


You need to be consistent with your blog post, that way your readers will know when to expect new posts and will increase your visitors and engagements.

Being content doesn’t mean posting every day, for example, if your blog is about news or current affairs, you may need to post every day. But if your blog is about health, technology, how-tos, You can schedule how frequent you want to be making new posts. It may be every day, 3 times a week, 2 times a week once a week, and so on.


After writing your post, share it on your Facebook page, Twitter page, find Facebook group that is related to your niche and join, encourage your readers to share your post.

Approach bloggers that are in the same niche with you and ask them to share your post link in their next article, while promising to do the same or you should have done that already.

That will bring more readers to your blog and increase your search ranking.


There are many ways to monetize your blog, even if you don’t have substantial traffic. If you are just starting your blog, you should consider using Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing to generate revenue.

As you grow, you can then start using direct Advertising, sponsored post, and many more.

For those asking, can blogging make you money? you should read this article where we explained the various ways even pro bloggers are making 6, and 7 figure monthly income with blogging.


With the above explanations, we hope that your questions of what is blogging, what is micro blogging, and how to make money blogging are answered.

So what are you waiting for? you should start blogging now.

A quick guide on how to start blogging.

Go to and buy your domain name and hosting plan. If you want a monthly hosting plan go to or However, if you want a detailed step by step guide on how to start blogging and make money, read this

Follow this guide to choose the right Theme for your blog.

And start posting/writing.

If you have additional questions on blogging don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section and we will answer you.

Thank you for reading. If you like this article, please subscribe to our newsletter so that you will not miss our new posts, also like our Facebook page and share this article with your friends.

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