Catchy Friday Meeting Names

We made a list of catchy Friday meeting names to inspire you come up with your own Friday meeting names.

Below is the list:

Get on Talks.

Meeting Minds.

To weekend talks.

Code for work.

Share Ideas.

Meeting meters.

Friday sessions.

Friday Gathering.

Intellectuals Arena.

Get it out.

Future Chats.

“TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday)

“Weekly Wrap-Up”

“End of the Week Review”

“Weekly Highlights”

“The Friday Briefing”

“The Friday Huddle”

“The Friday Debrief”

“The Friday Roundtable”

“Friday’s Finest”

“The Friday Brainstorm”

“Friday Focus”

“Friday Fun Day”

“Friday Frenzy”

“Happy Hour Meeting”

“The Friday Five” (a meeting to discuss the top five items of the week).

“End of the Week Wrap-Up”

“Weekend Warriors”

“Farewell to the Week”

“Fridays with the Team”

“Friday Fever”

“Fridays are Fabulous”

“The Friday Fix”

“The Last Hurrah”

“Fridays are a Blast”

“End of the Week Extravaganza”


“Friday Finish Line”

“The Friday Round-Up”

“The Friday Jump-Start”

“The Friday Power Hour”

“The Friday Kick-Off”

“Friday Fundamentals”

“Friday Funtimes”

“Friday Forward”

Strategy Session”

“Brainstorming Meeting”

“Team Building”

“Progress Update”

“Annual Planning”

“Goal Setting”

“Project Review”

“Department Meeting”

“Staff Meeting”


“Annual Planning Meeting”

“Quarterly Review”

“Monthly Progress Update”

“Weekly Team Meeting”

“Daily Stand-Up”

“Goal Setting Session”

“Performance Review”

“Staff Training”

“New Employee Orientation”

“Departmental Meeting”

“Project Kick-Off”

“Task Force Meeting”

“Problem-Solving Session”

“Decision-Making Workshop”

“Creative Brainstorming”

“Leadership Summit”

“Company Retreat”

“Annual General Meeting”

“Strategic Planning Meeting”

“Marketing Meeting”

“Sales Meeting”

“Product Development Meeting”

“Client Meeting”

“Partner Meeting”

“Investor Meeting”

“Board Meeting”

“Town Hall Meeting”

“Focus Group Meeting”

“Brain Trust Meeting”

“Brainstorming Session”

“Idea Lab”

“Innovation Workshop”

“Think Tank Meeting”

“Action Planning Meeting”

“KPI Review Meeting”

“SWOT Analysis Meeting”

“Task Force Meeting”

“Cross-Functional Meeting”

“Collaboration Meeting”

“Working Group Meeting”

“Task Force Meeting”

“Working Group Meeting”

“Collaboration Meeting”

“Team Building Session”

“Mentoring Meeting”

“Coaching Session”

“Training Workshop”

“Professional Development Meeting”

“Skills Development Meeting”

“Continuous Improvement Meeting

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