Domain name Search USA: 50 available American domain names

USA Domain names

Are you from the USA and searching for domain name to use for your website or blog?

I have made it easier for you, because i searched and compiled some .com available domain names that are related to America.

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Below are the domain names.

Above are 50 .com American available domain names that are exclusive to but it is available for anyone to use for their upcoming projects.

Don’t forget this post will be periodically updated with more available American domain names, so if you plan to do another project in the future or your friend, colleagues want to do another project, you can refer them to

How to register domain name USA

There are two ways.

If you want to buy only a domain name without hosting. I recommend you register with ionos, you can get .com domain name from them at $1 and free domain name privacy.

But if you want to start a blog, you can get domain name for free when you buy hosting plan from any of Bluehost which you can get at $2.95/mo, or Greengeeks which you can get at $2.49/mo.

How to know who owns a .com domain name

You might have seen a domain name that you want to buy but you are told it was taken but available for sale.

To know who owns the domain name, you can go here

Type the domain name you want to buy and the details of the owner will show up. But if the owner is using domain name privacy, you may not be able to find his details.

In that case, you may need the service of a domain name broker.

How do i check domain name availability ?

You can check the availability of any domain name with any of the domain name registrars .

But to make it easier for you, use the domain name availability checker below to search.


I hope this post answered your domain name search usa questions.

If you didn’t see the domain name you like in the above list, you can contact me and i can help you come up with a unique domain name for your blog or website.

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