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Easy to use WordPress page builders: Free and paid

What is page builder in wordpress?

WordPress Page builders are software or plugins that you can use to design your blog or website.

If you are not tech-savvy, and designing your blog is one of the things you are afraid of and maybe you don’t have money to pay a professional web designer to design your blog, page builder in wordpress will help you do it by yourself.

Page builder plugins take away the fear of how to design your blog that may stop you from stating your own blog.

WordPress page builders can help you to build your wordpress blog without coding.

They are designed in such a way that even those that have never designed a website or blog can use them. And you can use them to build almost any type of blog or website.

Using page builder in wordpress can save you money and time. This is because you don’t need to hire professional web designers to design your blog as you can do everything by yourself.

Most of the page builders will give you responsive websites that can be easily and comfortably accessed with any device.

In this post, you will learn about the best page builders in wordpress. Some are free while some are paid, and some are freemium.

If you can focus, within a short period of time you will be able to design your blog or website with any of the following WordPress page builders and you may not need to read any of the web page design online courses.

Best WordPress page builders


This is the most popular wordpress page builder. A study said that , it is the fastest-growing content management system, besides wordpress.

Elementor wordpress plugin has more than 5 million active installations with many positive reviews.

Is Elementor free?

Are you looking for a page builder in wordpress that is free, Elementor has free features but the more advanced ones are premium. One of the most fascinating features of this plugin is that you can see the changes you are making on your blog live.

Instead of making changes and refreshing your page to see how they apply to your page or blog, with Elementor, as you are making the changes, they appear on your page simultaneously.

Think of any blog design and Elementor can help you actualize it.

Features of Elementor.

Elementor for wordpress has more than 190 free and premium features some of which are:

  • Drag and drop editor: With this feature you can design your blog with ease and you will be seeing everything you are doing simultaneously.
  • Elementor Widgets: There are more than 90 widgets in Elementor of which almost 40 of them are free. Some of the widgets are, inner sections, heading, image, text editor, button, icon, posts, share buttons, slides, login, post title, post comment, products title, product images, add to cart.
  • No coding: You can design your good looking blog or website with Elementor without coding.
  • Elementor Table: You can add table of contents with Elementor TOC features, that will make your posts easy to read for visitors and Search engines. You can also use the price table widget to add products or services with their prices.
  • Elementor Template kit: There are many pre-designed templates in Elementor that you can use on your blog. To see the full template kit click here
  • Landing Pages: Elementor is a leading landing page builder online. With many pre-designed Templates, you can speed up your landing page building that are highly converting.

Elementor WordPress plugin

Elementor website builder is the official plugin by Elementor that you can install and start designing your website.

This plugin has more than 5 million active installations and that makes Elementor the most popular free online web page builder.

There is also another plugin called Elementor header and footer builder, though it’s not by Elementor, it is worth mentioning.

If you only want to design the header or footer of your blog or both, this plugin can help you do that.

With this plugin you can design the header and footer of your blog or website for free, there are many pre-designed templates to use.

You can also install Elementor by visiting their website and click get started, select if you have a WordPress website, and select the plan you want to use.

Enter your website or blog domain name and wait for it to process, then click install now, you will be redirected to your blog where you need to click activate.

Elementor pro

This is the Premium Elementor page builder where you need to purchase a plan to be able to use it.

There are many advanced features that are only available on this plan such as, Pop up builder, form widget, sticky header, archive page, single post, login form, subscription form, contact form, price tag table, table of content, and many more.

Elementor prices

Elementor has 6 plans you can use:

The first plan is free with the basic features

The second is $49 which can be used with 1 website and some additional premium features with support.

The third plan is $99, this plan can be used with 3 websites, it has more additional premium features and support.

The fourth plan is $199, this plan can be used with 25 websites, it comes with additional premium features and premium support with the expert profile.

The Fifth plan costs $499, this plan can be used with 100 websites, additional premium features, and VIP Support.

The sixth plan costs $999, this plan can be used with 1000 websites, additional premium features, and VIP support.

Elementor Discount code

Do you want to know the Elementor pro discount code? They from time to time give discounts, coupons, and special offers.

They usually do the promo around Black Friday, Halloween, and New Year.

To know when is their next promotional sale period, follow this link.

Elementor website examples

There are many websites and blogs that have been built with Elementor. For example, the header of this blog was built with Elementor.

Below are Elementor website examples, just to inspire you.


This travel blog was designed with Elementor pro. Its well designed that Elementor featured it in the list of blogs that were designed to inspire new bloggers or website builders.

This is a real estate website built with Elementor hello theme. It was also featured by Elementor in the list of blogs to inspire new web designers.

To see the full list of websites built with Elementor and featured on their website follow this link.

Wpbakery Page Builder

This is another popular WordPress page builder. But it is a premium one.

If you cannot afford the 1 website package of Elementor that costs $49, Wpbakery is an option for you that costs $45.

They have more than 4 Million users, this makes them the second popular page builder after Elementor.

Some of the Features of Wpbakery are:

  • You can build your blog with it without coding.
  • You can see the changes you are making to your blog instantly.
  • It works with any wordpress theme.
  • Has 50+ content elements that can speed up your work when writing post.
  • 100+ pre-designed templates to help you create your page with ease.
  • It is responsive, works on any device.

To see the full features you can check here

Example of websites built with Wpbakery page builder.

Chrislema This website helps businesses and individuals to set up their blogs and it was built with Wpbakery page builder. This is a Digital marketing and web design website that was also built with Wpbakery page builder.

To see the best list of websites built with Wpbakery, you can visit Best WPBakery Websites of 2021


Seedprod is a well-known page builder that has been used by many people to build blogs and Websites.

It is a premium page builder with its WordPress plugin having more than 1 million active installations.

They claimed to be the best Landing page builder for WordPress.

You can build sales pages, coming soon pages, opt-in pages, maintenance pages, webinar pages, login pages, and many more with Seedprod.

They have more than 100 pre-designed templates.


Seedprod basic plan is cheaper than Elementor and Wpbakery, it costs $39.50

However they have bigger plans, if you want to build 3 websites it costs $99.50, the plan comes with additional premium features.

If you want to build 5 websites, its $199.50 with more additional premium features.

Seedprod has an all-in-one plan that you can use to create an unlimited number of websites. It costs, 239.60

Siteorigin Page Builder

Siteorigin is also a popular page builder in WordPress.

Its plugin has more than 1 million active installations.

Another interesting part of Siteorigin is that it is free but has some premium features if you want to go a little further with your website design.

It is also responsive and has a live editing feature where you can see your changes in real-time but one feature that makes it unique is the history browser.

With a history browser, you can go back to your previous blog design and forward to your current work.

Siteorigin premium features cost $29.

Examples of websites using Siteorigin are,, and many more.

To see the full list go to Websites using SiteOrigin

Beaver Builder

Another page builder you can use to build your blog or website with ease.

It is especially, useful to beginners because it is very easy to use.

It has features of normal page builders like live editing, mobile-friendly, responsive layout.

Beaver Builder has been used by a million users to build blogs and websites.

You can start with their free features using Beaver plugin but it is very limited.


Beaver Builder for wordpress has a basic plan that costs $99. A good thing about this plan is that you can build any website with it.

Their pro plan costs $199 and it will give you access to their themes and multisite capable feature.

To enjoy the full features of Beaver builder you need their agency plan at $399.

Examples of Websites built with Beaver builder. This is a web development website that used Beaver builder for its design.

You can visit it and see for inspiration. This is a web development website that is really Inspiring. If you plan to use Beaver builder you should visit it. This is another web development site built with Beaver builder just to inspire you.

To see more websites built with Beaver builder you can visit Best Examples of Websites Using the Popular Beaver Builder Page Builder Plugin


This is another popular WordPress page builder. They have more than 800,000 users. described it as the most used premium WordPress page builder.

You can use Divi to build your blog or website without touching a single line of code.

They have hundreds of pre-designed templates that experts and beginners can use to design website. With Divi you can customize any part of your blog or website.


Their basic package costs $89.

You can use it to build an unlimited number of websites.

However, Divi summer sale is ongoing and you can get a discount of 20%. It now costs $70 instead of the regular $89.

The summer sale will end in 5 days.

Another special feature with Divi is that you can get a lifetime fee of $249 which is now $199 at a 20% discount.

Examples of websites built with divi This is a digital agency based in the UK that offers a variety of services like creating websites and web apps.

It was built with Divi. The design is inspiring and if you plan to use Divi to design your website or blog or design for your customer, you should check it. This is another web design agency’s website that was built with divi.

Divi can bring your imagination into reality.

Themify Builder

Themify is known for its WordPress themes but it comes with a premium drag and drop page builder.

If you don’t like the design of their 42 themes, you can use the responsive page builder to design the website of your dream.

The page builder costs $69 but you can use their plugins with the free features.

Examples of websites built with Themify

Nickey Pickorita.


To see more Websites built with Themify you can visit 20 Of The Most Inspiring Themify sites To Kick Off


This is a wordpress plugin that can help you with content creation.

It automates many functions like the design of your blog or website which you can use any of their 1000 templates with ease to build. redesign your content and many more.

The interesting thing about Gutenberg is that it is free.

Gutenberg is being constantly updated with many functions.


Page builders make website or blog design easier. You can design and redesign your website without coding.

If you want a free online page builder, you should go for Gutenberg, SiteOrigin, or Elementor.

For page builder in WordPress that will give you the flexibility to create a world-class design, you should go for Elementor, Seedprod or Beaver builder.

For a cheap but cost-effective page builder you can go for Wpbakery page builder or SiteOrigin premium.

If you have never designed a website or blog, Divi is a good option as it is very easy to use.

You don’t have a blog? You can use my guide on how to create a blog to start blogging today.

You may also want to read How to make Money Online at home($100 daily)

Tell me what you think about blog or website design, and if you have questions, ask in the comment section.

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