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How to choose best wordpress Theme for your blog

This post will guide you on what is wordpress Theme, how to choose the best wordpress Theme for your blog or website, what are wordpress child Themes, how to use theme in wordpress, how to get free premium wordpress themes.

After buying your Domain name and Hosting plan, the next step is to design your blog. Well designed and easy-to-navigate blog will help your SEO and will make your readers happy.

You have 3 options when it comes to blog design:

  1. Design it your self.
  2. Buy already designed blog Theme or Premium theme.
  3. Pay a professional to design for you.

Let us discuss all the 3 above-mentioned blog designs options. But before we start, it’s essential to define WordPress Theme. WordPress Themes are a group of files that determine how your blog looks. You can easily change the appearance of your blog with WordPress themes.

There are many WordPress themes to use for free and there are Premium wordpress Themes that you have to buy. We will discuss them later.

Another question that needs to be answered before we start practicing blog design is what are wordpress child Themes? A wordpress Child Theme is a theme that inherits it’s functionalities from another wordpress Theme, The parent Theme.

When you install wordpress Theme on your website or blog, there may be changes that you would like to make to the Theme, but the issue arises when the theme has an update and need to be updated, once you update the Theme, all those changes you make on the theme may be altered.

But with a wordpress child theme, you can make changes to your website or blog without affecting the theme you installed. And even when there is an update, you can still maintain the changes you made. As a Beginner it’s advisable to avoid making major changes to your wordpress blog.

But minor changes like colour, Font, and Layout can be made with the help of some plugins. It is our hope that the question of what are wordpress child themes is answered.

Design it yourself:

Why this option? If you don’t have money to buy an already designed wordpress Theme or hire a professional to design your blog and you have time to read as many tutorials as possible on how to design your blog and implement them, or simply you want to learn blog design, then this option is for you.

How to use theme in wordpress?

It is not hard to design your blog by yourself. WordPress comes with designed themes, and the exciting thing is that most are free but there are certain features some of the Themes will not allow you to Edit until you upgrade to a paid plan.

Let us start designing the blog. Here we are going to install free wordpress theme or a premium one that comes with the wordpress. We are starting this tutorial believing that you already bought a domain name, and web host. Log in to your WordPress Blog.

Now click on Customize.

wordpress theme installation
WordPress theme installation illustration

Check the left side of your site where the customization functions appeared and click on change theme.

Wordpress theme installation
WordPress theme installation illustration

Now select the themes.

Wordpress theme installation
WordPress theme installation illustration

All the available themes will appear. Select the one that suits your blog and click install. Now go back to your WordPress dashboard>appearance>>themes, look for the theme you just installed, and click activate.

Wordpress theme installation
WordPress theme installation illustration
Wordpress theme installation illustration
WordPress theme installation illustration
Wordpress theme installation
WordPress theme installation illustration

You have just installed your free wordpress theme. You should be able to customize the header and footer of the theme if you don’t like the way they appear.

How to choose the best theme for your Business.

As you can see, in the above tutorial, there are many themes to choose, if you check every theme, you will see that there is a description of the blog that should use it, like Personal blog, Multigrid, News Blog, Ecommerce and many more.

So make sure you choose the theme that works best with your blog niche. You can also change a theme even after you install it if you later realized that you don’t like it. just follow the same process above.

Buy Premium Theme.

Buying Premium Theme gives you the assurance of getting everything right when it comes to your blog design and installing wordpress Theme. This is because most of the Premium Themes providers give customers service just in case you run into a problem when installing or customizing your theme.

So if you have Money to buy theme and want your blog to be designed the way you want it without much waste of time, buy a premium wordpress Theme.

Can i continue using wordpress Premium theme after the purchase period expired?

Yes, in most cases you can continue using WordPress Premium Theme after the purchase period has expired but all the services associated with the theme, like customer support, updates will stop.

Here are some best wordpress premium theme providers.



Themify is one of the best providers of Premium wordpress themes. They have 110, 937 customers. They have 42 responsive themes, they give one year of support to their customers.

Their wordpress themes start from $59/year. After 30 days of your purchase, you can still change your theme with another one, and after 30 days, if you are not satisfied with their service, they will refund your money. If you want to have a well-designed website or blog with the help of professionals go to Themify and buy your preferred wordpress Premium Theme.


At themeforest, you can get WordPress Premium Theme from as low as $18.

Many of the Themes you see in the above tutorial on how to install wordpress theme are Premium Themes but the owners offer a free version, there are some functions that will not work until you upgrade to the paid version.


This is another wordpress Premium Theme provider, they have wordpress Themes of different categories of websites and blogs.

Their price starts from $29. If you are in search of the most appropriate wordpress Theme to use for your project, mythemeshop is a good option.

Pay a professional to design your website

This is a good option, especially if you don’t want to be a jack of all trades in your blogging journey. You can get a professional to design your website for you at a service charge.

This option is the best, especially if you are a beginner or you don’t have time or idea to design your blog, website. You can also get a professional to design your blog for you if you want to focus only on the creation of content or other responsibilities.

One of the best places to get professional website designers at an affordable rate is fiverr . Just click the link and search for blog design or websites design, you will see people that can do it for you at different rates.

Fiverr services are cheaper but if you have more money and maybe you didn’t find what you are looking for on fiverr, You can also goto to or

The good thing about hiring a websites designer is that you will just be giving them instructions on how you want your work executed and it will be done in no time.

Some common questions on choosing the best themes for wordpress blog.

Which is the best wordpress theme for blog?

This depends on the type of blog you want to open or you are using. As can be seen in the above tutorials, there are wordpress Themes for almost all kinds of blogs. And to get the best out of your blog and give your readers best reading experience, try choosing theme that corresponds with your blog niche.

How many free wordpress Themes are there?

There are many free wordpress themes, some of which are mentioned above and can be found in the There are also Premium Themes that made their theme available for free use but with limited access.

Is it worth buying a wordpress Theme?

Yes it’s worth buying a wordpress theme, especially if you are a beginner blogger or you didn’t find the right wordpress theme for your blog in the free category, or you can’t customize the theme to your need, or you don’t have time to customize the theme. Many are using Premium themes for their blog.

What is the easiest wordpress theme to customize?

Almost all the wordpress Themes are customizable. The only scenario where you find limited customizations functions is when you are using a premium theme for free.


That’s all we have for you in this article that teaches how to install wordpress Theme and design your website or blog, we have also answered what is WordPress theme, what is WordPress child theme

It is a Beginners guide on how to choose the best wordpress Theme for your blog or website, and we hope that you are able to do that with what we have said so far.

As we said you have 3 options, design it yourself, Buy Premium Theme, or hire a professional website designer.

In our opinion, it’s best to hire a website designer to do it for you, if you can’t afford that, then Buy a Premium WordPress Theme. As a Beginner, especially if you are going to sell products on your blog or website designing it yourself should be your last option, because it will take much of your time, and this is purely our opinion.

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Thank you for reading,

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