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How to make money with blogging: Beginner’s guide

Almost every blogger wants to make money from their blog. That is why we write this article that will teach you, as a beginner, the different methods of Monetization of the blog.

Many bloggers are using different blog Monetization techniques that earn them thousands of dollars every month. But as a beginner blogger, seeing your first $100 from your blog will definitely excite you. But you can earn much more than that. Do you know that there are bloggers that are earning thousands of dollars per month? It’s true and what you are going to learn here is what most of those bloggers are using to make money. To see examples of successful Bloggers and how much they are making from their blogs, read this article where we talked about how to make money online.

Without wasting much of your time let me list the different ways Bloggers are making money which you can also follow and start making money online or on your blog.


Adsense revenue optimization

Selling products or services

Adsense alternatives

consultation services


Direct advertising

Sponsored post

Affiliate Marketing

Accept Donations.

Using Adsense to make money from your Blog.

Adsense is the most used method of blog Monetization. It’s an advertising network that serves as an agent between advertisers and content creators. Adsense share advertising revenue with content creators on 68% for Display content and 51% for Adsense for search.

Adsense ads are CPC, which stands for Cost per click, and CPM, which stands for cost per 1000 impressions. To get the most out of AdSense you need many visitors or visitors from Advanced countries.

Adsense payment threshold is $100, net 30. Meaning you need to have $100 for you to be able to withdraw from AdSense, and you get the money on every 21st day of the next month.

For your blog to qualify for AdSense you need original content in all the pages and categories of your blog, About us, Privacy, and contact us Pages are also essential.

For Google AdSense account creation visit Adsense’s official page and set up your account if you already have a YouTube channel or blog. Before you can use Google AdSense on your Youtube Channel, you must have 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time. However, with a blog, all you need is Original Content on all your pages.

Adsense Revenue Optimisation

To get the best out of Adsense, you need to optimize your ad placement. Many bloggers, especially beginners don’t know how to best optimize their Adsense ads. That is why there are companies that will help you with Programmatic advertising that help optimize your Adsense ad placement so that you get the maximum revenue. And their practice is accepted by AdSense.

It is very easy to set up ads from any of these companies on your blog.

Some of such Companies are, there is also, and Setupad.

Selling products

This should have been number one on the list. Selling your own product is one of the surest ways to make money with blogging. The products can be physical or digital products.

If you have a physical product that can be shipped within your country or even to any part of the world, you should start blogging, as that will increase your customers base very rapidly and you will make money online without following anyone’s rule. What this means is that if you want to make money with AdSense there are strict rules that you must follow, some ad networks will not accept you unless you have a certain number of visitors and they can stop your Monetization anytime. But with your own product, you are the king, you set your own rules.

If you don’t have a physical product, there is something that you know how to do very well. An easy way to know that is to remember what your family, friends, and colleagues are praising you about, it can be anything legal. You can write a course about that and start selling it on your blog. You can also develop software or any other thing and start selling.

The good thing about selling your own product is that you don’t need too much traffic, your first visitor can be your customer.

Google Adsense Alternatives

If AdSense didn’t accept your blog for Monetization or if you want to maximize your revenue by using AdSense with other ad networks, there are many other ad networks you can monetize your content with. Although AdSense pays publishers the highest revenue you can still earn extra money with AdSense Alternatives or even combine 2 or 3 in other to earn like AdSense publishers.

If you want to combine AdSense with another alternative, you need to be careful because some ad networks are not compatible with AdSense, and if you start using such alternatives, Google AdSense will close your account. So the best way is to read the reviews of any ad network before you start using them, you can also ask them if they are compatible with AdSense and any other questions you may have, like payment threshold and others.

Some of the AdSense Alternatives are Infolinks, monumetric, Skimlinks, Adversal, PropellerAds,, Revcontent.

Most of them, except PropellerAds and may be Adversal can be used along with Adsense or as a complete Adsense Alternative, but as said above, you can use more than one AdSense Alternative especially if you are not monetizing your blog with AdSense so that to get the maximum revenue.


You can use your blog to start consultation services, it all depends on what your expertise is, it can be your profession or any other thing you are good at. To be more acceptable to your potential clients, you need to show your past experiences and certification if any.


You can start freelance by joining any of the Freelance websites like fiverr , Upwork, or Freelancer. You can offer services like writings articles, Copywriting, Blog Writing, SEO, and many more.

You can also use your blog to offer a writing article service to your potential clients by telling your readers that you can write articles for them at a fee, you don’t need to show any proof because your blog will tell your potential client about your experience and what you can offer.


With this, you will get more revenue than using any other advertising network. You can charge a higher amount from advertisers. But you need a substantial amount of traffic to be able to get Companies or individuals to advertise on your blog.

You can check your competitors and see the amount they charge for placing advertisements on their blog, that will help guide you on deciding your own price. And you don’t have to wait for the Companies to come to you, visit their offices, or send an email and tell them why they should consider you for their next advertisement.

If you have 20,000 visitors a month, you can start offering direct Advertising on your blog.


This is more like direct Advertising. Companies will approach you to write a sponsored post on your blog as if you are writing your normal blog post. You will tell your readers about the company’s products or services. In return the company pays you.

Some will give you their products so that you can use them and write sponsored posts about them, some will just give you the written text that they want you to post. The type of sponsored post a company wants will determine the amount you should charge them.

And the sponsored post charge is normally higher than that of direct advertising because it is detailed information about the product and the article may continue to stay on your blog as if it is your normal blog post.


Earlier in this article, we discussed selling your own product or services. Well if you are finding it difficult to sell your own product or services or you don’t have any to sell, you can help others sell their products and services, that’s what is called Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is also among the top blog Monetization techniques that pro and beginner bloggers are using to make money from their blogs.

There are many affiliate marketing networks that have thousands of products that you can sell, just join any Network of your choice and select the products that relate to your blog and start promoting them. You just need to write a review about the product or write a very informative article related to the product and place the link to the product on your article, if someone follows that link and buys the product, you will earn a commission.

Some of the best affiliate marketing networks are, Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate, Rakuten, Amazon Associates, eBay, ShareASale, ClickBank, and many more.

There are companies that also have their own affiliate program that you can join directly with them, without going through affiliate networks. If you want that, just search the type of product or service you want to promote on google and check the websites of the companies that come up to see if they have a direct affiliate program. Mostly the affiliate link is found at the footer of many websites, you can also ask the company directly if they have a direct affiliate program.

Another special affiliate program that you will not find anywhere on the net, or at least, you will first learn it on is direct affiliate marketing.

We know we are not Amazon or eBay, even though you can be anything you want to be, but on our level, we decided to approach stores and ask them if they can give us their products at wholesale price, so that we advertise it and if a customer wants to buy, we remove our share and send the order to the store, the store will be the one to execute the order and ship the product to the customer.

Some companies agreed to work with us, so we started a website that’s now growing. You can also do that.


If you are not making enough money to maintain your blog, and you are offering your readers a valuable service, you can ask them for donations. You can set up a Paypal account and ask your readers to give donations to help maintain your website.

Many News websites and other bloggers are accepting donations from their readers. But make sure that your readers are benefiting with something valuable from your blog before you ask for donations.

Even though Donations as a way of Blog Monetization is not popular among bloggers, it should not be ignored if it is the only option.


The above-mentioned are the blog Monetization techniques that many bloggers are using to earn money. And you too can. Below we answered some of your most curious questions about making money with blogging.

Can I make a living with blogging?

Yes you can make a living with blogging, many are, but if you are just starting, don’t quit your job now, start growing your blog and with time you will be able to make decisions for yourself. With determination and consistency, you may make enough money more than your employer is paying you with blogging.

How to make money with blogging?

Following what we mentioned above, they are the major ways of making money from blogging and many have become millionaires using those methods.

Below are how to make money as a blogger.


Adsense revenue optimization

Selling products or services

Adsense Alternatives

Consulting Services


Direct Advertising

Sponsored Post

Affiliate Marketing and Donations

How long will it take before I will start making money with my blog?

Well, there is no direct answer to that, it depends on your determination and how consistent you are with your blogging career, don’t take blogging as just a hobby. Some take 6 months some up to a year before start making reasonable money with blogging.

What should I blog about that will make me money quick?

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it requires determination and consistency, You should blog about what you know very well, but don’t just blog about it because you know it, try to find questions that people are asking about that topic, and answer them. But as we said earlier, the much easier way to make money is to sell products or services online or help others sell their products or services.

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