How to start a blog and make money, 7 figure, even if you don’t know what to blog about

Here you will learn how to start a blog and make money, and we will not waste your time, let’s go straight to the point.

We will teach you how to start blogging even if you don’t know what to post, or what to write about.

Here is the list of things we will talk about.

Blog Idea.

Domain name.

Web hosting or WordPress hosting.

Choosing the right WordPress theme.

Installing the necessary plugins.

Create essential Pages.

Create Categories.

Create Menus.

Writing your first blog post.

Getting traffic to your blog.

Monetizing your blog.

If you don’t know what a blog is, in a simple term, it is an online page or pages where frequent updates are being made related to the blog topic. However, if you want to learn more about blogging you should read our article, All about a blog, blogging, blogger, and blogging examples we explained all that you need to know about blogging.

Blog Idea

Read below to learn how to come up with ideas on what to blog about. Otherwise known as finding your niche.

Do you have what you want to blog about, or you don’t know yet. If you don’t know, here is what you should do.

To make it easier for you just think about what you know how to do best, or what other people, friends, family, and colleagues are praising you about, and are coming to you to help them about it.

The reason why you should be blogging about what you know is that you can easily tell others about it, and you will be able to answer the questions of your readers about that topic.

Some might tell you to blog about technology, Sports, Real Estate, or Health, but if you don’t know about the topic, you will find it hard to even start writing, not to talk of answering random questions from your readers.

You can blog about what you don’t know by outsourcing your content on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. But know that you might not be able to interact with your readers very well and whatever the freelancer sends to you, even if there is a mistake, you won’t be able to detect it, and your readers will not take you seriously.

In addition to what we wrote above, to get an idea of how to start blogging and make money, here are some blogging examples that you can check just to help you come up with your own blog idea. this blog you are reading is an example of blogs that you can look at and come up with your own. It teaches beginners how to make money online and how to start blogging in the most easiest way. also periodically publishes blog name ideas to ease your blog name search. Its main tutorials are on how to create a blog with WordPress. : It is a blog about art, DIY, business, and many more, you can visit the blog and read some posts or just have a glance at how it’s designed, structure, and every other thing that you may want to know.

There is also This blog, That blog on travel. Its owned by Kiki, a California native. she traveled to 71 countries. She said that she quitted her job and started traveling around the world. If your intention is to blog for travel, it is worth checking just to help you know how to set up your own blog.

Another blog that you can check to have an idea on how to start your own and design it is it is an Indian blog that teaches how to start blogging, make money online, and personal finance.

Here are other specific niche blogging Examples that you can check just to make sure you come up with the right idea to start your own blog.,,, and are food blogs that teach different types of recipes and anything food. If you are thinking of starting a blog on food, they are good examples that you should look at., BellaNaija, If you want to start a blog on fashion, these two are fashion blogs examples that you can check for inspiration. This blog is particularly one of my favorites because of how it started in a short period of time and become a success. Adam started the blog in 2019. In just 2 years of blogging, he has made $1 million. So why not start your own blog today?

The purpose of mentioning the above blogging Examples is to give you an idea of how the blog you want to start might look like. So when you visit the above blogs you should pay attention to the design, how the blog is designed, the content, what type of content is on the blog, is it articles or products, how often the blogs are updated?

You might be thinking, there are too many blogs already, and if you start your blog, you might not get noticed. Well, that’s not true.

With the required determination, consistency, and hard work, you will reach the level of your favorite bloggers and even pass them. In the blogging examples above, was started in the year 2019, and the blog made more than $1,000,000 in less than 2 years, and now it’s believed the blog is making way much money.

Here is another example that should make you not give up on starting your own blog just because of the fear of competition. How many milk brands do you know, How many car brands do you know, how many Entertainment and Sports TV channels do you know? This can go on and on, there are many alternatives, and you know the brand to use because of a particular thing that you like about that brand, and you cannot obviously use all the brands.

So it’s the same thing in the blogging industry, your experience is unique, the way you will write your blog post is unique if you are truly providing valuable information, or quality products on your blog, you will surely get visitors, and lots of traffic, if you are selling products, many of your visitors may even buy. So don’t be afraid to start your own blog. And continue reading to learn how to start your blog today and even start making money.

Another important point to note is that if you have a website or blog that sells products. Don’t just be publishing the pictures and details of the products, you should be writing blog posts that are related to the product regularly, that will bring more traffic to your blog that may likely convert.

By now you must have made up your mind that you want to start your blog and you know what to blog about/Your niche. If not so, please go back and read the blog idea subheading again.

Domain Name

Now that you know what to blog about, you should choose a very good Domain Name. A domain name is the name of your blog that people will write on the internet if they want to visit your website or blog.

You can check if your domain name is available with the domain name checker below, you can get it for free if you buy web hosting with Bluehost.

Your domain name should represent your blog idea. For example, if you want to start blogging about food, your domain name should be something like,, To check if your domain name is available and register, go to ionos

Write the domain name you want to use in the search box where “find your domain now is written”. If the domain name is available, you will be prompted to make a payment and buy. If it is taken, you will also be notified. So that you search for another name.

If you are finding it difficult to come up with an available domain name for your blog, you should check one of the available domain names list we publish periodically to help bloggers like you. All the domain names on the list are unique with .com extensions.

There are three ways of buying a domain name for the purpose of starting a blog,

  1. You can buy a domain name that someone already owned and is willing to sell. These types of domain names are usually more expensive because some already have organic traffic and the owner might have kept it for long. Except if you have enough money to spend, as an individual beginner blogger, you should avoid this type of domain name, because they start from $50 to $5000, some costs more than this.
  2. You can buy only a domain name from a Domain Name registrar and a hosting plan from a different company. This is not recommended for beginner bloggers, because of the setup that need to be done to make your host and domain name work together. It might not be an issue because many of the domain name registrars and hosting companies can help you with the setup. A reason for Buying hosting plan from a company and buying domain from another is that, the hosting plan you want to buy didn’t come with a domain name, Or the hosting plan comes with a domain name but you have to buy domain privacy and other domain ad ons separately, which will costs you more money.
  3. Buy a domain name together with webhosting. This is the best method of buying a domain name especially for beginners. In most cases, hosting Companies give 1 year free domain name when you buy their plans, one of such companies is Bluehost. Continue reading to understand how to buy domain name and web hosting together.

Tips on Choosing the right domain name for your blog.

If Possible, buy a .com domain name: .com domain names are the must trusted, respected and widely accepted domain names. You can still use the extension of .org .net .us .co .int.

Avoid using Numbers: It is advisable to use only letters when choosing your domain name as domain names with numbers are mostly not popular.

Make it short and Memorable: Use 5, 6, or 7 letters, don’t exceed 15 letters when choosing your domain name.

Before buying a domain name, even if it is available, check social media to confirm that no one is using it as their profile or business name, that way you will not have an issue of being misrepresented in social media after you open your blog.

It is believed that you have now chosen your domain name a have registered it or you know about its availability. If not so, please read the domain name subheading again to get an understanding of how to come up with your Unique available Domain name and register it.

Web hosting or wordpress hosting:

After having your domain name, the next thing to do is buy a hosting plan. Hosting Companies allow you to lunch your website on the internet so that people will be able to find it.

It is very important to buy a hosting plan from a reliable web hosting company. To have a full understanding of what is web hosting and how it works you should read our post where we explained web hosting in details.

Which web hosting plan is best for you?

As a Beginner and first-timer, it is advisable to buy shared web hosting, as you grow and your files increase, then you can buy a bigger hosting plan, like VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting plans.

Web hosting price.

There is no specific price for web hosting as different companies charge different prices, but from experience, we have seen hosting plans, from as low as $5 a month to $29 a month. But if you are buying a yearly, two, or 3 years hosting plan, then you will get it at a much more lower price, for example, Bluehost sells their shared hosting plan for $2.95 a month.

Which web hosting company is best for you?

Here we have some recommendations, Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies. They have Shared, VPS, and Dedicated hosting plans. But Bluehost doesn’t have monthly web hosting plans. Their shared hosting plan price starts at $2.95 a month.

Under their shared hosting you will have;

1 website hosting

50 GB SSD Storage

Custom themes

24/7 Customer support

WordPress Integration

Drag and Drop Functionality

Al-Driven Templates

Free Domain Name

Free CDN

And a free SSL Certificate.

Disclosure: may earn a commission when you buy a hosting plan using the Bluehost link but it will not affect or increase the price you are paying.

To start your blog, visit Bluehost and click on get started.

Select the shared hosting plan or any of the hosting plans that will suit your need, but if you are just starting your blog, you should select shared hosting.

After selecting the hosting plan, you will be taken to the next page where you need to input the domain name you want to use.

If you already have a domain name, write it in the right box, but if you don’t have a domain name, write the domain name you want to use in the left box, and select the extension you want to use.

Now Fill out your website, personal details, and card information, make sure you select the right plan you want to pay for and Proceed to payment.

After that, you will then need to create your Bluehost account, install WordPress, which is one click, and select a theme, we will discuss this in detail later, and you can start blogging. If you find it hard to do it yourself, you can ask for Bluehost support, or tell me here in the comment section.

Why you should use Bluehost? The company has been in business for many years, with many satisfied customers, their hosting is reliable especially, for new bloggers.

Bluehost is number one on the list of recommended hosting companies by WordPress.

However, if you want a Monthly hosting plan you should go for Dreamhost which is also a good option but you will pay higher rates at $4.95 a month, and no free domain name, you have to buy a domain name at $7.99. However, if you choose their yearly plan with Dreamhost, the price is $2.59/month.

Dreamhost shared hosting plan benefits:

1 website

Free domain name for one year

Unlimited traffic

Unmetered Bandwith

Fast SSD storage

WordPress preinstalled

Free SSL Certificate

24/7 Support

WP website builder

And free automated WordPress Migration.

To host your blog on Dreamhost, visit their site

And click on WordPress hosting.

Now select WordPress basic plan. And proceed with the payment and install WordPress.

There is Also Greengeeks which is a web hosting company that provides very affordable hosting plans with a free domain name at $2.49/month.

By now you must have bought your Hosting Plan, and your blog is ready, you can start customizing it. If not so, please go back and read the Web hosting subheading again.

Choosing the right wordpress Theme and designing your blog

Now that you have your Domain name and Hosting ready and your blog is live, the next thing to do is to design your blog such that it will be easy for your readers to navigate and read your content.

You should design your blog with WordPress themes. Because it is one of the easiest ways to design your blog. There are freemium WordPress themes.

There are WordPress Themes for all kinds of blogs be it a personal blog, finance blog, fitness blog, news blog, and many more, just make sure you choose the theme that corresponds with your blog niche.

After Installing the theme, check the header and footer of the theme and see if you like them or you want to edit them. Also, try and write a blog post, you don’t need to be serious, because it is a test page, then visit that page and see how it looks like with the theme.

I once installed a theme that I later found out that my blog posts are too close to the edge and readers will have difficulty reading my content, I then changed it. That’s what you should have in your mind, your readers, Imagine yourself in their shoes, would you be happy visiting and navigating a blog like yours?

Another way to explore the best blogging designs is to check your competitors and see how they designed their blogs. You don’t need to copy them, but study how their blogs are designed, and that will give you an idea of whether your blog design is right for your audience. But that was purely our opinion and you can be 100% unique with your blog design, you can use your creativity and imagination.

If you want to learn more about blog design and choosing the right wordpress theme for your blog then read our article, where we teach everything you need to design your blog as a beginner blogger.

By now, You should have designed your blog. Let us now check the essential Plugins that you need to have before we move to create your first blog post on your Blog.

Installing the necessary Plugins

WordPress Plugin is a Software component that enables adding special Features to existing WordPress Themes. Just take plugins as apps on your phone.

There are thousands of plugins that can help simplify your blogging journey. It is possible to not ever code in your blogging journey because whatever that you want to do on your blog, there is a Plugin that can do it for you.

For a full tutorial on how to install WordPress plugins, read this article, where we explained everything you need to know and a practical guide on how to install plugins.

It is believed that now you know how to install plugin. So now let us list the most essential wordpress plugins that you need to have on your blog before we go to creating your first blog post.


This is one of the most popular plugins that help optimize your content for good performance in search engines and rank well.

YOAST SEO optimizes your words and pages. Below are what you will get from this great plugin.

  1. You can Modify how you want your post to appear on your Facebook and Twitter pages using this plugin.
  2. XML sitemap creation. This help search engines like Google to easily crawl your blog.
  3. Optimize your post title, keywords length, Internal and outbound links analysis, meta description, Image optimisation, search results appearance optimisation, mobile view optimizations.
  4. It also help improve your post readability by checking Subheading distribution, sentence length, paragraph lenth, consecutive sentences, passive voice and make suggestions.
  5. YOAST SEO also helps search engines understand your website and your content by automatically describing your pages using schema.
  6. YOAST is a Premium plugin but you can use most of the basic features for free.

Insert Header and footer

This is a WordPress plugin that makes it easier for you to insert scripts into your blog header and footer without directly editing your Theme.

The plugin is very easy to use, so just Install it and when you want to insert scripts like Google Analytics code, custom CSS, Facebook pixel code, and any code or script, including HTML and Javascript, you can just copy the code and paste it in the plugin.

The Plugin has more than 1 million active installations.


You need a way for your readers or customers to contact you easily. WPForms is a plugin that will help you create a contact form, that will be on your contact page or anywhere you want it on your blog.

Usually you should give the options of submitting email, name, and message in the contact form. Just use the above method to install the plugin, activate and create your contact form.

The Wpforms has more than 4 million Installations and you don’t need any training to create your contact form. Though it has Premium features, you can create the contact form for free.

Apart from the contact form, here are some of the other things you can use Wpforms to create.

Email subscription forms

Online order forms



Payment forms

Membership forms

Donation forms

Booking forms

And Many More.

WordPress Popular post

This Plugin will allow you to have a sidebar, where your most popular post will be displayed. There are many Plugins that you can use to create a list of popular post or sidebar on your wordpress blog, some of which are, WordPress popular Post, WordPress Gallery plugin, slider gallery, and carousel by metaslider, Top 10-Popular posts plugin for wordpress.


You need to be backing up your blog regularly, just in case anything like server crash, security flaws, or hacking happens. You can always backup manually, but it’s safer, easier, and more secure to backup using Plugins.

UPdraft is a popular backup plugin wp that has more than 3 million installations. You can set up an automatic backup, and in case the worse happens, with a single click, you can restore your files and database with a single click.

Newsletter and Pushnotification plugin

You need a push Notification plugin on your blog because it keeps your readers coming back to your blog and many bloggers listed push notification as one of the best traffic sources

More than 70% of visitors to your blog will not return, so one of the best ways to keep visitors coming back to your blog is to offer them a newsletter subscription so that when you make new posts, they will get notifications in their email addresses or push notification.

In fact, it has been proven by many pro bloggers that a newsletter is one of the best sources of traffic to their blog, so don’t play with it.

Some of the best plugins you can use to create push notifications and newsletters on your blog are, push notifications for WP&AMP, PWA for WP&AMP, Onesignal, Email Subscribers & newsletters.

Social Share Plugin

You need a social share plugin that will encourage your visitors to share your content on various social media platforms.

There are many social share plugins for wordpress that can help you with that, some of which are, grow social, AddToAny share buttons, and shared Counts.

Research had it that, social media traffic contributes 30% of blogs total traffic, so if you are not using social media to promote your blog, you are missing a lot of traffic.

Your social share plugin in wordpress should be at the top and or the bottom of your blog posts, some plugins even allow you to set up push social share buttons, that’s to say they pop up as your readers are reading your post, that may be annoying but, setting it to pop up once for each visitor, will certainly increase your social media presence.

Image Optimization Plugin

You need to optimize your images so that they appear appropriate on multiple devices your visitors may use to access your website and that will also increase your SEO rank because a well-optimized image will increase your site speed.

Also, Images take up to 50% of many blogs so it is a wise idea to optimize your image for a better user experience. Generally speaking, an image you are uploading on your blog should not be more than 1MB.

Some of the best Image Optimization Plugins are, Shortpixel Image Optimizer, Optimole, and wp-optimize, cache, clean, compress.

Jetpack by WordPress

This is an all-in-one Plugin that has almost all the basic needs for plugins that you may have. It has been designed by wordpress experts to make your blogging journey easier.

This plugin has blog security, performance, speed, social share, related posts, contact form, Themes, and almost all the functions that the above plugins have.

You need this plugin if you don’t want to have too many plugins on your website that may have the consequences of reducing your site speed.

The plugin is very easy to use, just install it and follow the lunch wizard guide. It is worth mentioning that it has more than 5 million active installations.

Elementor Page Builder

This Plugin is one of the best for building and designing every part of your blog. Do you want to build your blog without using codes? this plugin will give you just that opportunity.

You can use Elementor to design your blog by yourself, or you can also select from their 100+ Templates. Their designs are responsive, faster, and you can see the changes you are making live.

The plugin has more than 5 million active installations.

Google Search console

Before we go to your first blog post, submit your website in google search console. It is a free power tool created by Google to help you know how visitors and search engines are finding your blog and monitor and maintain your blog presence in Google search results.

It tells you all that you need to know that will affect your search ranking, and you can use the data to get more traffic to your blog.

It also provides you with data to use for optimizing your content. You can use the HTML method to submit your website to the Google search console.

It also makes your blog appear in Google faster, normally your blog will appear on Google, but it may take a longer time if you didn’t submit it to the Google search console.

To submit your blog, go to search console page and click start now. It will automatically log you into your Google account , if you are not already logged in. Now you will have 2 options of verifying your blog, Domain name, and URL prefix. Use the URL prefix method, visit the home page of your blog, and copy the address and paste it in the box where “Enter URL” is written.

Click continue, your blog should be verified, if not, you will get a message that says you should copy some code into <head></head> of your blog. Now if you already installed the insert header and footer plugin we talked about above, go to your WordPress dashboard and navigate to settings and click on the insert header and footer.

Now go back to the Google search console and copy the code and go to your WordPress dashboard and, paste it in “Script in Header” box of the inert header and footer plugin and save. Go back to Google search console and click “Verify”

Another better option is to install the script using YOAST SEO plugin. Go to the plugin in your WordPress dashboard, under the Webmaster tab, paste the code in Google Verification code and click save.

Now go back to Google search console and click verify.

After your blog has been verified. You should also submit your sitemaps.

If you installed the YOAST SEO plugin we discussed above, it already automatically generated sitemaps for you. To confirm that, go to your browser, type “” don’t forget to replace yourdomainname with your actual domain name. You should see your sitemaps at that address.

Now copy the “sitemap_index.xml”, go back to Google search console and check the left side, under index,click sitemaps, under add a new sitemap, besides your domain name, paste the “sitemap_index.xml” there and click submit.

Status should show success, if it’s pending, give it 24 hours.

Submit your blog to Cloudflare

Another thing to do before creating your first blog post is to check if your hosting provider doesn’t have a Content Delivery Network, CDN, and submit your blog to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare provides your blog with security, faster performance, and makes your registration details private, in fact, even if your hosting provider has CDN, it will be good for you to submit your blog to Cloudflare.

For example, Dreamhost has CDN but they will still encourage you to submit your blog to Cloudflare, especially if you have too much traffic, and they will do it free of charge for you.

According to a new report, 1 in 6 websites use Cloudflare CDN.

Depending on your need, but you should select the free plan on Cloudflare.

Setup Google Analytics

You should also register with Google Analytics. It’s a web analytics tool, created by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.

With Google Analytics, you will be able to see how visitors are using your blog, how long they stayed on your blog, which part of the world are they from, their age and many more.

All these data will help you to optimize your content and give your visitors maximum value.

You should have Gmail account to be able to set up Google Analytics account.

Now go to Google Analytics and click on sign up button.

On the page where you are asked, What would you like to track? Select Website.

Select tracking method and enter account name.

Enter your blog name and your blog URL .

Select Industry Category and Time zone.

Click I accept the terms of service. And get the tracking code. Now your tracking code should go to the header of your blog. Use the insert header and footer plugin to insert the tracking code into your blog.

Or alternatively, you can use any of the Google Analytics Plugins to set up Google Analytics on your website or blog.

Change your post permalinks

Permalinks are the web addresses used to link to your content, posts and pages. By default, your wordpress permalinks come in day and name. But you can change that.

Why change permalinks? because it helps optimize your content for SEO. Permalinks with a date or post Id will take longer time to read and doesn’t give actual meaning or let’s say is not easy to read.

But if you change your permalinks to post name, the title of your post will be immediately after your domain name. That makes it easier for humans and search engines to read and know what your post is all about.

Visit some of your favorite blogs, click one of their posts and look at their url in the address bar, you will see that majority have the post title of the post you are reading immediately after their domain name.

So you should also change your blog permalinks to postname. To change your permalinks go to your blog dashboard>Settings>Permalinks.

Now select Post name and click save changes.

Creating Essential pages.

Create essential pages

Pages have static contents that don’t need frequent updates. The pages you should have on your blog should be separated from your main blog content so that your readers can easily access them.

There are pages that you need to have on your wordpress blog. Below we have explained all the must-have pages and the content they need.

About Us Page.

You can call it about us or about me it depends on if it’s a business blog or a personal blog you have. This is a page where you tell your readers about yourself and your blog, and what should they expect to get from the blog.

Contact us

This page should tell your readers how to contact you and the means to send you message. This is where you will place your contact form, Physical address if you want your readers to meet you, or any other means of sending you mesage.


The privacy page is where you should tell your readers how you use their data, if you collect personally identifiable information, even if you don’t collect your reader’s data, you should have cookies, and if you use Google AdSense on your blog, they require you to have Privacy Page.

Disclosure Page:

This is a page where you should tell your readers how you make money with your blog. If your blog is in The US, Canada, or the UK, and you are promoting affiliate products or services, you must have this page, as required by (Federal Trade Commission, US) FTC.

If you are selling affiliate products to your readers and you are not telling your readers that you are receiving a commission when they buy, it is believed that you are deceiving them, that is why there is the need for disclosure.

Terms of Use

This page is especially important for websites that sell products. It tells how the products or services should be used and the legal process related to the use of the item.

Advertise with us

This is a page where you should tell your potential advertisers the process they should follow if they want to advertise on your blog. You should tell them your blog traffic, number of social Media followers, Domain Authority, and any other stats that can convince them your blog is the right place to advertise their products and services.

Usually, you should have this page if you have much traffic. So you should ignore it for now, if you are just setting up your blog.

Create Categories

Categories are convenient ways of organizing your posts, by giving them names. With categories, you can group your related posts together. For example, if your blog is about news, you can have categories like politics, sports, breaking news and so on.

You can also have subcategories where they fall under a Category.

All your posts must be under category. If you didn’t select category for your post, WordPress will automatically place it under a default category called, uncategorized.

To create your category, go to your wordpress dashboard and click on post, and select category.

Add the name of your category and descriptions. Click add new category.

Now you have your category. You can create as many as you want, depending on your need, but you can start with 3,4, or 5 and be adding them gradually as you grow.

Create Menus.

What is a WordPress menu?

Menu are links that point to most important areas of your blog. They help your readers to easily find your content.

They usually appear at the top of your page and some at the bottom of the page, depending how important the menu items are, and how immediate your users would like to use them. Some place Home, and other important menus at the top of the page, and About us, contact, and others at the bottom.

Your menu can contain Categories, pages, posts, or costume links, like links to your social media pages.

To create wordpress menu, go to your wordpress Dashboad, click appearance, and click on menus.

Now click on the create a new menu link. Type the name of the menu you want to create and select the location you want the menu to appear on your blog.

Click next to select your new menu items. Select the pages, posts, Categories you want to appear on your menu. Click add after selecting your menu items.

You now have your menus.

Create a Logo for your blog.

If you notice, almost every blog has a unique logo that you can identify it with. So it is a good practice to create a logo for your blog.

You can do it yourself by using many logo creation services like Canva or picsArt. However, if you cannot do it yourself, go to Fiverr and hire a freelancer to design a logo for you.

To upload your logo on wordpress, go to appearance> Customize>Site Identity.

Click select logo, select your logo, and set it as logo. It will show a preview, publish to make it appear on your blog.

Writing your first blog post

Writing the first blog post can be confusing for beginner bloggers but it is really easy to do. Don’t overthink it, you can’t be perfect. You will master your writing skills as you grow. Below are some suggestions on how to write your first blog post.

If possible, write your first blog post about all the things you want to be blogging about. Like if your blog is about football, tell your readers which football club you want to be writing about, a brief history of the club, Trophies, and its current players.

If the above idea will be hard for you, just write your first blog post introducing yourself and your blog and tell your readers what to expect from your blog.

Your next blog post can then be about the current affairs related to your blog topic or niche. You should schedule how you want to be posting new content, once a week, twice a week, every day, and so on.

Getting traffic to your blog

After writing your content, you should try to promote it so that you get as many readers as possible.

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog which we have mentioned below.


One of the best ways to get traffic to your blog is using search engine optimization, that is by optimizing your images, text, links, and many more.

Before writing your content, Search social media, forums, and google to find out what people want to know about that topic you want to write about. Write the topic and see the searches that show up, focus your attention on questions. Try to write your content around those questions.

Use Video, Infographic, and pictures to demonstrate your points, use the Image Optimization plugin, as mentioned above to compress your images. Add internal links, that’s links to your other posts that are related to the post you are writing. Write a very attractive heading that will make people want to visit your blog.

Participate in forums

Open account with Quora, Answer questions, related to your blog topic, while answering, insert the link to your article.

Join Facebook groups, open your own group, and page

Join Facebook groups that are related to your blog topic so that you can meet other bloggers in your niche and be able to share your blog post and share ideas in the group.

Also, open your own Facebook group and be updating it with your current content and be giving tips on topics related to your niche.

Also, Open your Facebook Page where you will also be posting your new content.

Approach other bloggers in your niche and ask if you can guest blog on their blog or exchange links with them, that’s link their posts on your page and they also do the same. Some will not respond to your request, while some will. It is important to have as many links as possible, Especially from domain names with high DA because it’s one of the factors Google uses to rank your posts.

Ask your readers to subscribe to your newsletter so that you can be sending them your new posts.

Use push Notification plugin as mentioned above, it is a powerful way of getting traffic.

Ask your readers to share your posts on their social media pages.

Answer your reader’s comments. Comment on other blogs.

Post regularly, making new post on your blog regularly will increase your traffic and many of your readers will be coming back.

Monetizing your blog

Making money from your new blog should not be your priority now, Monetization of blog is a gradual process, it doesn’t happen overnight.

In your early blogging days, focus on creating value, providing your readers with posts that will make them want to come back to your blog, the money will follow.

However, you should start with the right blog Monetization techniques early so that you get the maximum revenue and start earning even with small traffic to your blog.

Below is how to monetize your blog.

Affiliate Marketing: Help others, sell products or services. it’s one of the top blog Monetization techniques that almost all pro and beginner bloggers are using to make money. To start affiliate marketing, go to any of,,, Amazon Affiliate and pick the products you want to promote on your blog. And write content around it.

Sell your own Physical or Digital products: If you have physical or digital products, you should start selling them on your blog, your first visitor may be your first customer. Selling products direct to visitors is among the most profitable sources of income for most bloggers.

AdSense: If you have enough valuable content, you should join AdSense to make money with your blog. You need to have 10 to 15 valuable, original posts to start monetizing with Google AdSense.

Other ways to monetize your blog are Sponsored posts, Direct Advertising, Adsense Alternatives, Freelance, Consultation services.

To see the full list of blog Monetization techniques and their details, read our article where we gave detailed information on how to monetize your blog

This is one of the easiest guides that teaches how to start blogging on the internet, because we have said everything direct as it is, with pictorial demonstrations.


To make it more clear and easier for you to understand what we have so far written. Below are the infographics on how to start a blog and make money easy.

How to start a blog
Select wordpress platform
Choosing the right wordpress theme
Installing wordpress plugins
Create Categories and Menus
Writing your first blog post
Easy way of getting traffic to your blog
Make money with your blog


As you can see in the examples above, there are many bloggers that are already making money, so what are waiting for? Blogging can be your extra source of income, and could even be your career.

Select your Domain name, as seen in the above tutorial, go to Bluehost and buy your hosting plan, install WordPress and select your theme.

Install the necessary plugins, submit your blog to google search console, and Cloudflare and set up a Google Analytics account, start writing, lastly, you will start earning as your traffic grows.

Do you still have questions about starting a blog? Tell us in the comment section. Subscribe to our newsletter so that you don’t miss our updates, and follow us on Facebook.

How much money do you want to start earning with your blog?

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