How to write blog post and never run out of ideas

You must have already set up your blog and maybe you have even written a few blog posts but you don’t know what to write next.

It’s not only you, many new bloggers don’t know what to write next after the first few blog posts. That is why I write this post that will teach you how to continuously come up with blog post idea.

I can write 10,000 words in a blog post and come up with as many post ideas as possible, below I will show you how you can do the same.

Before I continue, I will assume that you don’t know how to write a blog post with a wordpress blog. However, If you know how to write a blog post, just skip this step.

So let me show you how to write a blog post on WordPress.

Visit your blog as Admin or go to your wordpress dashboard.

Click “Posts” and then “Add New”

Alternatively, you can click “New” at the top of your blog, before the address bar, and then select “Post” it will give you the same result.

You should have something like the below image.

Now you can start writing your blog post.

Add Title is where you should write the title of your post.

You need to write a very attractive title that will make people want to visit your blog post, but don’t write what is not in the blog post, if not, readers may never return to your blog.

A very good way to come up with an attractive title is to look at the titles of other popular blogs in your niche, that have already written on the same topic and rebrand them.

Then go to the body and start writing your post.

Your post should have pictures related to what you are writing. And if you are writing on how to do something, there should be pictures or videos demonstrating the process.

To upload picture in your post, click on Add Media and select the picture or pictures you want to insert.

Your post should not be only text, it will be boring and many may even leave before reading to the end of the post.

Don’t use pictures from Google or other blogs, without giving credit to the original owner. The best way to Use Images on your blog is to upload the ones you snapped by yourself or download from Royalty-free websites like,, and all these websites have free pictures for download that you don’t even need to give credit.

Apart from free to download pictures websites, you can also use Canva or PicsArt or the combination of the two to create your images.

What is the ideal blog post length?

With the exception of your first blog post, your posts should have at least 1000 words, especially if you are in a very competitive niche. You should also have subheadings.

Insert links to your other posts, where they are related to what you are writing. Also, insert links to other websites or blogs, where appropriate.

Write as if you are talking to your friend. Have a conclusion where you should highlight what you have said so far.

Ask your readers to leave comments and share your post on social media.

Select a Category for your post and add Tags.

Don’t forget to insert a featured image in your post. This is the image that will appear on the blog post before your readers click your link.

After everything, go back and read your blog post to check misspelling and grammar. Some read their blog posts twice or even 3 times before publishing it.

It depends on what works for you.

If you have not written your first blog post. It should be on all the things you want to be writing about in your blog or Just introduce yourself and your blog.

Now that you know how to create a blog post and what it should contain, let us go to how you will be getting blog post idea continuously.

Read your competitors blog post

Yes, ideally you should already have experience of what you are writing about or want to write about in your blog. You should know the topic very well.

Now, go to Google and write the topic you want to write about and search.

Among the results that appear, you should see the one that matches what you want to write about. Now click it and read all the blog post.

Mind you, we are not copying what he has written. You should never copy other people’s blog posts, they might report you and you may even have your blog suspended or ruin your reputation. If you want to be serious with your blogging journey never copy anyone’s blog post, write your own.

There is an exception, where you want to quote what someone said. You should put that in quotation marks. You can even tell them that you have quoted them in your blog post.

What we are trying to do here is to write a better blog post than the one you just read.

After reading the blog post.

If you truly know the topic you must have found these:

  • There is something that the writer omitted, or didn’t talk about in the blog post and its very important in the topic.
  • There is something that the writer didn’t explained in detail, that need more explanations. To get this point, lay emphasis at the end of the blog post. Some writers will be eager to finish writing and publish, so at the end of the blog post, they don’t give details of things they mentioned.
  • Your experience is different from what the writer said. Not that what he wrote is wrong, but you experienced it in a different way.

We are not perfect, no matter how good a blogger is, you will find one of these 3 things when you read his blog post. But you need to know the topic.

Now with the above 3 points, you should be able to write a better blog post than the one you just read.

Come up with blog post ideas even if you don’t know the topic

I have been blogging for 6 years, and many times I have done that and even ranked and get traffic more than the original content.

Though you may need to be good at writing to be able to come up with this idea but if you are smart, u can do it and I feel that it is worth mentioning.

If I see that people are interested in a topic that is related to my blog and I don’t know about that topic here is what I do.

I will search what authority bloggers have written on that topic, just like what we did in the last subheading, but this time we are not looking for those 3 points. We want to know about the topic.

Usually, I will read 3 to 4 blog posts, even though they have been written on the same topic, you will find out that each article is unique with different facts that are still valid in the topic.

After reading these blog posts, just imagine you meet with your friend and he asked you about that topic, now I believe you can write your unique original blog post, without copying anyone. With a better title, you can compete or even rank ahead of the original posts.

I have done that many times and I believed you too can.

Wake up call from new blog posts

Sometimes I should have written a blog post about a topic but the idea will not come to me until another blogger publishes it.

This one, I already know the topic, but I didn’t write about it, boom! another blogger publishes it. I don’t need to read his blog post, I already know the topic but his blog post reminds me. I then move to work.

Use Google to generate blog post idea

Even though you know the topic, you should be writing your blog posts based on what people want to know about that topic.

That will bring many readers to your blog.

Google can help you with that. Millions of people search Google daily for answers to their questions. So Google knows what people are searching for the most.

Now visit Google and type what you want to write about.

For example, let’s search about how to install WordPress Plugin

You will see that Google is bringing other questions on how to install WordPress plugin. This is telling you that these questions are the most popular that people are searching on Google.

Now let us search the question.

After searching the questions, Google will bring more related popular questions asked by other people.

You will see that Google will tell you “people also ask”

Google will tell you “More specific searches”

Then at the extreme end of the search, you will also see other questions.

These questions are what you should write your blog post about. You should try to answer them to the best of your knowledge. Thousands of people are searching Google with these questions, if you answer them well, your blog post may be the first to appear when people search Google asking those questions.

These questions are what we call Keywords/ Search queries. They help bring traffic to your blog.

And if you click on any of the last keywords, at the extreme end of the Google search, Google will give you another set of related keywords. That is how it will continue until you are tired of searching.

Find your most popular content and use it as new blog post idea.

If you can find your most popular content that is already generating traffic. You can come up with similar content ideas.

You can use Google Analytics and Google search console to find contents and keywords that are already generating the most traffic to your blog.

Once you find that, write another content similar to that one using the keywords you just found. You can repeat the process many times.

Use Quora to generate blog post idea

Quora is another platform that you can use to come up with blog post ideas. Millions of people ask questions on Quora every day.

And experts answer those questions. If you want to get blog post ideas from quora, you should type what you want to write about and search for them.

You will see many questions about that topic, the questions with more answers are the ones you should write your blog post about.

Write your answer in detail and that will bring traffic to your blog.

Pro tip: In my experience of finding blog post ideas, any topic that you search Google and see quora question in the first page, that topic is a goldmine and you should write a very good blog post around it, it will bring lots of traffic to your blog.

Use SEO tools to generate blog post ideas

Search Engine Optimization tools will help you to come up with many blog post ideas daily.

One of such tools is Answer the Public.

Answer the Public works like google in the sense that it will bring together all questions, phrases, comparisons, and many related searches of the topic you want to find.

Many content Marketers are using Answer the Public to understand what their customers or audience are searching for.

In the free version, you can search up to 3 times a day.

For example, in the Images below, I searched for blogging.

Google may not give you all the keywords in one place like Answer the Public.

Now you can use these questions, and search queries to write your blog post.


Ubersuggest is another SEO tool that is very useful for content marketers. With this tool, you can get content ideas by knowing which keywords are easy to rank for.

Instead of writing blindly without knowing the performance of the keywords you are targeting, you can use Ubersuggest to find out, before writing your blog post.

Just insert the keyword you want to target in Ubersuggest search box, the results will show you the cost per click, CPC, Search Difficulty SD, search volume SV of the keyword.

Low SD, below 40 is preferable, this shows that you can easily rank for that keyword, high CPC is better, its what people pay to advertise using that keyword, also higher SV is better, it shows how many times the keyword has been searched in a month.

There are other tools like Ahrefs,SEMrush that can do the same work as Ubersuggest.


Above are ways you can continuously come up with blog post ideas. Many bloggers are using these methods to come up with new content.

As you grow and become familiar with content creation, you will also come up with your own additional ways of generating blog post ideas.

Tell me in the comment below if this has helped you to come up with content ideas, and what other methods are you using to come up with blog post ideas, also don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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