List of 50 .com available domain names in Canada

In this post, i listed some available domain names related to Canada.

All the domain names are .com, unique and short, they are exclusive to boltrev but anyone can use it for their projects.

If you need help with registering domain name in Canada, you can do that with ionos, or if you want to get domain name for free you can buy hosting from Bluehost or Greengeeks.

Below are 50 Canadian domain names:

Above are the 50 Canadian domain names that you can pick an register.

You can use Companies like westhost, Dataczar,, ionos, Godaddy, Bluehost to registering domain name in Canada.

The above Companies will give you the best cheap domain name registration in Canada.

Below is a quick guide on how to purchase a domain name in Canada.

  • Come up with your preferred domain name
  • You can pick any of the above domain names
  • If you didn’t find the domain name you like in the above list, you can contact me.
  • After getting the domain name you want to register, head to any of the domain name registrars, check its availability and
  • Make payment.

To register domain name in Canada free, you have to buy web hosting from Greengeeks or Bluehost, or any other hosting provider that gives free domain name.

How to find who owns a domain name in Canada

If you find a domain name you want to buy but it’s taken, you can find the owner and ask if he is ready to sell it to you.

It is easy, just visit and type the domain name.

You might not see the full details of the owner if he uses domain privacy, but you can see the domain registrar, you can contact them.

Or seek the service of domain name broker.


At boltrev, you will always find list of available domain names. I will be updating the list periodically so you should subscribe to boltrev newsletter to get the updates.

I focused on .com domain names because they are the most popular and recognized on the net.

There are many available .com domain names so keep your mind open that you will have one with the help of

Tell me what you think in the comment section.

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