Should i ruin my ex’s new relationship?

After a breakup, most people want to move on and find someone new. However, there are some who still want to win their ex back. 

This is because they still love them, and it will hurts them to see their ex with another partner. Some have been hurt so badly that they don’t want their ex to have a happy life.

Such people think that, one of the ways to get back their ex or to hurt them is by ruining their new relationship.

It is not a good thing to ruin a relationship because of your selfish reasons “don’t do it.” There are so many other things that you can do to get over your ex and move on.

You don’t need to see them or even talk to them again. Even if your mind or your friends are telling you to do it, don’t listen to them.

It’s understandable if you’ve been hurt by someone before, but you should consider the consequences of going the route that is sure to make things worse for you.

The most important question to ask yourself if you are deciding how to react when you run into your ex is with a new partner and start thinking of how to ruin their relationship is, “how does this situation benefit me?” There is a good chance that there is nothing that will come of seeing your ex with someone else.

If you run into them and they don’t even notice you, then there’s probably no benefit at all. But if they do notice you, they may just ignore you or act like they don’t know who you are. If you are lucky, you may get a polite or sarcastic “hello”.

Here are some reasons to never consider ruining your ex’s new relationship

By trying to ruin your ex’s new relationship, you have proven to be a bad person and your ex will be happy that they left you.

You should focus your energy on finding why they become ex, if its your fault, you can amend, if its theirs, then you should be happy that the relationship has ended.

If they intentionally hurt you, they will reap what they did to you, you don’t need revenge.

Seeing your ex with a new partner is a sign that they have moved on, so why are you still hurt or jealous over someone that doesn’t care about you anymore?

Try to live in the present, if you are still thinking about your ex and what they did to you, you should consider therapy. Know that there are new better experiences waiting for you.

Instead of all that thinking, you should concentrate on your happiness.

Do you know thwt even if you success at ruining your ex’s new relationship, which very unlikely, you will never hurt them the way the hurt you?

This is because your ex may be expecting revenge from you and they have prepared for it.

And you may be thinking that your ex hurt you and they are getting away with it, well life is not fair at all. But if its their habit, they will do it against someone that is stronger and that person will take them down.

Karma is real! Just move on and find your happiness.

It will help you to stay away from your ex, if possible, do away with anything that reminds you about them.

Don’t stalk your ex to see what they are doing, that will make things worst for you, if your ex know that you are stalking them, they will feel happy, they will think that they have won, they are better after leaving you.

You deserve happiness, you deserve someone better than your ex, you should become a better person.

If you are not stalking your ex, they may try to get your attention, to show you something that will hurt you, don’t ever give them that chance. If they send you a message of that sort, don’t give them the attention, move on with your life.

Your relationship with your ex should be a lesson to you, thinking about revenge is a waste of time. If you become a better person and never look back on your ex, there will be a time they will be stalking you to see what is going on in your life.

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