Websites Speed: Why is faster page loading important?

What is site speed?

Site speed is the time your website takes to fully load on a visitor’s device.

It is important to optimize your website speed for better user experience. A website or blog with terrible speed will see drop in number of visitors and increase in bounce rate.

Does speed affect SEO?

Yes the speed of your blog or website will affect your ranking. That is because people will be leaving your blog too soon.

And that will increase your bounce rate which can make your website to go down in ranking.

Why is faster page loading important in a website?

It is important to do website speed optimization so that your users can assess your content with ease.

This is especially important if you have an online store or e-commerce website. Your users will leave your site if it fails to load fast.

What is a good page speed for SEO?

What is a good website speed? Your site speed should not be more than 3 seconds.

If a website speed is more than 3 seconds, there are chances of higher bounce rates.

It can also leads to lower conversion rates.

A website with higher bounce rate will go down in ranking.

How to test the website speed?

It is easy to do the website speed testing online. And there are many websites to do the testing for free.

Below is list of the best websites you can do the speed testing with for free.

  • Pagespeedinsight It is a speed testing service by Google. Just enter the url of your site and click analyse. It will show you the results on mobile and desktop and the changes you need to make.
  • GTmetrix it is one of the most trusted website speed tester. It will show you your site performance, why it is slow and how to make it faster.
  • Pingdom this website speed tester is special because it gives you the chance to test your website speed from different locations. And it gives more detailed information on website speed than the above options.
  • Thinkwithgoogle This is another website speed tester by Google, specifically for mobile site optimizations. When you enter the url. It will tell you the steps you should take to improve your website/blog.
  • Dotcom-tools This is another good website speed tester. What makes it unique is that you can see the speed of your website from different locations at a glance. You can also test the speed of your website on different browsers and OS with Dotcom-tools. It also shows yours SEO score.
  • Uptrends If you don’t want free services, then uptrends is a premium website speed tester. They give you comprehensive report on the performance of your site and how you can improve it. They give 30days free trail and you can check the speed of your website on different browsers and OS.
  • Webpagetest It is another good option that gives in-depth analysis of your website performance and how to improve it.
  • Dareboost is also a good website speed tester.

Website speed optimization

You can use the following suggestions to fix a slow loading website.

Upgrade your hosting plan

If your website is loading very slow and even crashing, check your hosting plan. If you are on a shared hosting and you are getting lots of traffic. Your hosting plan may not be able to handle the requests.

So you should upgrade to VPS, Dedicated or as your hosting provider suggests.

Reduce HTTP request

You can combine your files and remove whitespace, unnecessary formatting, line breaks, and codes. That will increase your website speed.

You can do that with the help of a plugin called wp rocket. Go to static files on the plug in and select the files you want to combine. Save and test the speed of your site.

Reduce the number of plugins on your site

Too many plugins on your blog/website is not healthy for your site speed. You should review the plugins, deactivate and delete the unnecessary ones.

You should remove plugins that are out of date and the ones that slow your website. You can test your website speed and deactivate plugin and then test the website speed again.

Depending on the result, you should be able to make decision of whether to delete that plugin and look for alternative or keep it.

Compress your image

Your images can contribute to slowing your website. But if you reduce their size, your blog/website performance can improve.

You can reduce the size of images on your blog with plugins like smush.

Enable Caching

When someone visits your blog they make requests to the server and download some elements so that they can see your blog properly.

But if you enable Caching, they will only download such elements like images, Javascript files and so on only in their first visit.

Most of these elements will be stored in their computer for a while, when they visit the next time, they don’t have to download all the elements as most are stored in their computer. And that will increase your website speed.

A plugin that can help you with enabling caching is Litespeed Cache or WP Super Cache.

Don’t upload video directly into your blog/website

If you upload video directly into your blog/website it will reduce your website speed because it takes large space.

The best way to use video on your blog is to upload it on a video sharing website like YouTube and then embed it on your blog.


Website speed is very important and is not a one time work. You need to be checking your website speed from time to time and try to improve it.

I wrote about good page speed for SEO. I have given you some websites for testing website speed, free and premium ones.

And have shown you how you can increase the speed of your website.

If you like this post share it with your friends, Colleagues and pals on social media and tell me what you think in the comment section.

What is your website/blog speed?

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