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What are good keywords with high CPC, low competition

What are good keywords?

If you are new to blogging you must have heard about Keywords. They are search terms, and phrases which internet users that are looking for answers to their questions write in search engines like Google and Bing.

If you want to optimize your content and get many traffic, you should use these keywords to write your content.

Keywords can be one, two, or three words.

If a keyword is one word, the search intent is to just find information about the topic or visit a particular website.

If the keyword is two words, the searcher is looking for in depth information.

If its three words, there is posibility of taking action. To buy, subscribe or any other appropriate action plan.

Two to three words keywords are called long tail keywords.

One word keywords are very hard to rank for. So you should target 2 or three words keywords.

They may have low search volume but you can easily appear on the first page with them.

What are keywords example?

When you are using Google, keywords in research are easy to find.

Visit Google and type anything in the search box:

In this example let me use “food example”

As i write food example, before i even click the search button, Google is giving me suggestions.

These suggestions are the most popular searches related to food example. And they are keywords.

Now i clicked the search button and Google is giving me more related search terms or Keywords.

Under “people also ask” Google has given me more keywords.

I scroll down and Google is giving me more keywords under “People also search for”

I am still getting keywords suggestions from Google at the bottom of the page with the title “Related Searches”

There are many ways to find keywords but above are examples of good keywords.

Above are examples of keywords in Google, that is if you are into blogging which involves writing.

Keywords Finders

Your first source of keywords is google. There You can get the keywords for free as seen above.

You can also find keywords in the title of other blog posts that appear on Google search.

You can use Google search console to find keywords.

There is also Google trends. They are all free tools.

However, there are paid keywords search tools like Semrush, Ahref, Ubersuggest and many more.

If you have question of how to find keywords with low competition, then you should use the paid Keywords tools.

Ubersuggest allows you to make 3 searches every day for free.

With these paid search tools you can find which keywords have high or low competition/Search Difficulty, you should obviously target keywords with low competition.

You can also find keywords with High or low CPC. Keywords with high CPC are better.

CPC stands for Cost per click, its what others are paying to advertise with a particular keyword.

However, there is criticism that some of the Paid Keywords tools are not giving correct result especially, when it comes to traffic volume.

And i agree with those critics, because i have a website that is getting almost 30,000 Organic traffic according to GA data but one of these paid keyword tools said the site is getting 6,000 monthly traffic.

But these tools are still useful in finding competitor’s traffic, Keywords CPC and Keywords Difficulty or Competition.

Keywords for SEO

How do you write keywords in a blog post?

You should have keywords in your Title, description and body of the post.

Try to answer the questions of the visitors to the best of your knowledge.

Incorporate the keywords naturally in your blog post and make the post readable and easy to understand.

You can include more than one keywords that are related in the post.

You will see that some of the keywords didn’t make sense. Try to understand the intentions behind the keyword and answer it.

Target keywords with at least 500 monthly search volumes.

Some of the keywords with High CPC and low competition

Cars: I noticed that car related keywords have high CPC.

Car 5 seater has 590 monthly search with $4.18 CPC

Car Insurance check price has 110 monthly search with $55.42 CPC.

Car Insurance in Florida has 9,900 monthly search with $98. CPC.

Car Insurance quotes compare has 8,100 monthly search with $9.594 CPC.

Car Insurance in Michigan has 6,600 monthly search with $137.84 CPC.

Car Insurance online quote has 4,400 monthly search with $128.68 CPC.

Car Insurance in Texas has 4,400 monthly search with $92.12 CPC

Car for kids donation has 1,300 monthly search with $39.47 CPC

And all of the above keywords have low competition which means is easy to appear on the Google’s first page if you target them.

Mental Health is also another keyword that have high CPC with lots of monthly searches.

If you know about Mental Health you should write or blog about it.

Pro Tip : Pay attention on any keyword that appear on Google ads and Banners some of the keywords especially if they are from popular companies have high CPC.

Keywords on Youtube

What about YouTube, does it also has keywords?

Yes, YouTube also has keywords which visitors are using to find the videos they want to watch.

And if you want to optimize your YouTube video, you should use the keywords related to it, so that you can get organic traffic.

Below i showed how you can do keywords Youtube search.

Let’s visit YouTube and search for “Exercise”

You can see that before even pressing the search button, YouTube is giving us search suggestions, They are also YouTube keywords.

After clicking the search button you will see many results related to “Exercise”

Lets take the first result. I don’t know which video will appear to you as the first result but you can do the same thing with it, just pay attention Below.

The video that appeared to me as the first result of “Exercise” is the one with the title “EP #2-How to exercise to keep your immune system healthy”

Let us extract keywords from the title of the video.

  • How to exercise
  • Immune system healthy or Healthy Immune system
  • Keep your immune system healthy
  • Exercise

Now let us go in to the video.

In the description of the video, there are additional keywords, below is the description of the above video.

“Join us for some immune-boosting exercises and stay strong with one of our doctors to guide you. Boost your defenses against COVID-19 and other illnesses with these exercises that strengthen the immune system”

Now let us extract some Keywords from the video description.

  • Immune-boosting exercises
  • Immune system exercises
  • Defenses against Covid-19 exercise
  • Exercise against illness
  • Exercise to strengthen immune system.

An important thing to notice is that if you use any of the keywords we extracted above, The video or another video from the same channel will appear either as a first result or in the first 5 results.

This is telling you that the videos have been optimized with these keywords.

If you notice, the above video is being produced in series, meaning that it is a continuation from a previous videos.

And they have been optimized with the same keywords.

Now let us find other hidden keywords in this video.

To do that, you have to visit the video on your computer.

Now right click on the description of the video and click “view page source”

On the page that appeared, click Ctrl F. A search box will appear. Write “keyword” in it.

If the video has keywords, you will see them listed and separated with comma.

The video above doesn’t have keywords so let us go back and select the video in the second result of “Exercise”

That is a video with the title “30-minute hiit cardio workout with warm up- No Equipment at home | Self”

We are not going to do the process of extracting Keywords from the title and description of this video, we will go straight to finding the hidden keywords in the page source of the video.

You can see the keywords separate with comma.

Keyword tool Google

Just like Google, YouTube also has its Keyword tools.

I mentioned some of them below.

  • Tubebuddy
  • Tubekarma
  • VidIQ

You should use these keywords in your Title, description and add them in the tag box.


I Mentioned what keywords are and given examples of some good keywords.

I wrote about keywords in Google and YouTube. I also mentioned some keywords with High CPC and Low competition or difficulty.

These are the type of keywords you can target if you want to rank easily.

I will be updating this post with more High CPC and Low competition keywords so don’t forget to subscribe to boltrev newsletter so that you don’t miss the updates.

Share this post with your friends on social media and tell me what you think in the comment section or if you have questions you can ask.

How are you doing your keywords search?

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