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What is Web hosting: WordPress hosting: how to buy

What is web hosting and why do I need it?

Web hosting is the service that Hosting companies offer to individuals and businesses that want to have an online presence. You need to rent a space in the web hosting company’s server where your website or blog will be stored. Your pictures, words, videos, and other contents will be stored in the server so that whenever someone, from anywhere in the world wants to visit your blog or website, the server sends your website content to them. Servers work all the time and their maintenance is the work of Hosting Companies.

What is a Web hosting server?

Servers are Computers owned by Hosting Companies which they sell space to Blog owners and websites so that their content will be accessible to the world through worldwide web. Just think of it as a House that you need to pay rent to stay inside.

Web hosting for WordPress.

WordPress Hosting is Hosting that is Optimised to make WordPress blogs work efficiently and have maximum security, most WordPress hosting has one-click WordPress installs.

Types of Web hosting

The main types of web hosting are Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud, and Reseller.

Shared hosting is relatively the cheapest and is meant for small businesses or blogs that are just starting without much traffic. As the name implies, shared hosting is a shared server on which multiple websites or blogs are hosted.

Shared Hosting is like putting many computers or people in a single room, where there is no enough space or ventilation.

VPS Hosting: This is Upgrade from Shared hosting, where there is room for a little customization and more space. It’s like renting a room or office for yourself in a building. It is mostly used by medium businesses or blogs which shared hosting cannot provide their hosting need.

Dedicated Hosting: This is the broadest Hosting service where a website or blog is given a whole server to himself. It is like renting a house instead of renting a room. Dedicated Hosting gives a high level of control to websites and allows the website to perform very well with good speed and better security.

It is used by very large websites with many images and files, it also requires special expertise to maintain.

Cloud Hosting: Cloud Hosting is the future of hosting. It’s a service where Inter-connected web servers host your website or blog. Unlike in the above examples where you have only 1 server, Cloud hosting has many servers and in the case that the server hosting your website or blog is down, another server will automatically host your blog or website so that it will not go offline. This type of hosting is expensive and is meant for larger companies that have larger files, pictures, and videos.

Reseller Hosting: This is when you buy a Hosting service for the purpose of reselling it to third-party. Some buy hosting but they will later realize that they don’t need all the space they bought, so they sell it to third parties in other to earn extra income.

Some hosting companies have reseller plans specifically for entrepreneurs that are interested in buying and selling hosting to third party.

How to Buy Web Hosting for my Blog

Here we are talking about WordPress hosting. Almost all hosting companies offer WordPress hosting. You just select the plan you want, based on your need, and proceed with the payment.

Does WordPress provide hosting?

Those asking does WordPress offer hosting? Here is your answer, and it is yes, offers hosting for blogs. However, is open-source software that allows you to build your website especially without necessarily coding. Using plugins you can design the blog of your dream. With you need hosting from any of the Hosting Companies like Bluehost and Dreamhost

Can I get WordPress hosting free?

Yes, you can get free WordPress hosting for but with limitations, like you cannot have a top-level domain name like .com or .net, for example, is a top-level domain name. You can only have a second-level domain name like, there are many things you are not allowed to customize in, you will also have very limited disk space, other disadvantages of free WordPress hosting is that they will be placing adverts on your blog, Although there are free WordPress hosting that do not place an advertisement on your blog but still there are many disadvantages, Knowing that you are using free hosting and domain name, many will not trust you, and many more.

You can also get Free hosting for your blog from many hosting Companies like Amazon Web Services and Google cloud hosting,,, and many others. With, people will take you more seriously and will trust you, have the confidence to do business with you

What you should consider before buying hosting.

Size: If you are just starting a blog or website you should buy shared Hosting because you don’t have too much traffic and files that will require bigger hosting packages like VPS and Dedicated. But if you will be using many videos and pictures, we recommend buying VPS hosting plan

But as a Beginner when buying web hosting you should consider the following:

Domain Name: Because of the configuration that is required when you buy a domain name from a different domain Registrar, and hosting from different company it is advisable as a beginner to buy a domain and hosting from the same company. This may not be an issue as many hosting companies and domain registrars will help you set up your hosting and domain name, but in the case that a complicated issue comes up, it may become difficult for you to solve. So before buying a hosting plan, check and see if the Company offer a domain name together with the hosting, some hosting Companies, like offer free domain name for one year. Also if you plan to open another website, you should buy a plan that gives multiple websites and domain name hosting.

Customer Support: Before even buying any hosting, we recommend you test their customer support service and see if they are reliable because at any time you can run into problems and may need the help of your hosting provider. Bluehost has experienced customer support staff.

Email Services: You can also buy an email service from a company different from your hosting company, but it’s also advisable, as a beginner to buy an email service from your hosting company because of the setup that is needed if you buy it from a different company. You can always change as you grow and become an expert in the field. So before buying hosting, check and see if the company offers an email service, which some companies give for free.

Uptime: This is why we don’t recommend starting a blog with a free hosting plan, except for learning purposes. Uptime should be guaranteed, and you can only get that from paid hosting Companies or plans. Uptime is the ability of your hosting company or provider to make your website online and accessible to visitors all the time.

Poor or below standard uptime will make you lose visitors and potential customers that will be going to your competitors for a solution. So before buying a hosting plan, check reviews of the company to know what other customers that used their services are saying.

WordPress: Ensure the company has WordPress hosting plans so that it’s easy for you to start blogging immediately after you buy the hosting plan. Some hosting plans come preinstalled with WordPress. But you can still ask your hosting company to help you install WordPress if the plan didn’t come with preinstalled one.

Cost: You need to check the cost of the plan you are buying, most hosting companies give discounts for the first purchase, so check the renewal price of the hosting plan you want to buy just to be sure if it’s affordable to you.

You should also make sure that the price you are seeing is for the period you want to buy, some hosting Companies give you discounts if you are buying the plan for 2 or 3 years, but if you reduce the period to 2 or 1 year, the price increases. So make sure you adjust the period to the one you plan to buy before placing your order. But it’s better to buy a hosting plan for at least 1 year. If you still want to buy the monthly hosting plan, offers affordable monthly hosting plans from as low as $3.95, Dreamhost also offers Monthly hosting plans from as low as $4.95, one thing with Dreamhost is that its one of the most reliable hosting companies in terms of uptime, securely and bandwidth, so their prices are justified.

SSL: It stands for Secure Socket layer, make sure the hosting plan you are buying comes with it, or you can buy it separately, but most hosting Companies offer SSL for Free. It is the standard technology for keeping internet connections secure and helps safeguard sensitive data exchange. Just look at the top left of this website, before, you will see a sign of a locked padlock, that is a sign that we have SSL. There are hackers and spammers that want to steal your information, so if your blog doesn’t have SSL enabled, many will not Trust it, and that will reduce your traffic, because many browsers, like Google Chrome will warn visitors that are about visiting websites or blogs without SSL, and that will scare away your visitors.

Bandwidth/Traffic: Check the bandwidth of the Hosting plan you want to buy and make sure that it will cover your need. If you expect high traffic and your blog uses many Videos and pictures, you need high bandwidth for your blog to perform very well. Low bandwidth for blogs with many content and visitors will slow the blog performance and affect SEO.

CDN: This stands for Content Delivery network. it is not necessary though, but if you expect global Audiences, make sure that the hosting plan you want to buy comes with it, you can also buy it separately, but as a beginner just make sure your Hosting comes with it if you expect global audience to your blog.

CDN is a geographically distributed network of proxy servers and their data centers. The aim is, your content will be served to your visitors via the server that’s closest to their region, let’s say, for example, your website is in China and someone from the United States want to visit your website, the server that’s close to the US will fetch the content for him, this makes the website to work faster and operate Optimally.

How to buy web hosting for wordpress?

With the above-mentioned information, it’s believed that you can make an informed decision of buying the best hosting plan that suits your need. Just head to any of the Hosting Companies and check your preferred plan and buy. In the case of where you see a WordPress hosting plan you want to buy but it didn’t come with a domain name, don’t panic, you can buy your preferred domain name from ionos from as low as $1 and you can set your domain and WordPress hosting to work together with the help of both companies supports.

Additional Information:

What to do after buying a hosting plan.

Your Hosting plan should come with preinstalled wordpress, where this is not the case, just ask your hosting provider to help you install wordpress. They will give you login information with a link to your wordpress admin page that should look like this

The login interface should look like the below Image.

Wordpress login interface,  explanations of how to login into wordpress
wordpress login interface

Just log in and you are now ready to start Blogging.


Web hosting or WordPress hosting is easy to understand and even buy a plan. From the above information just choose any of the hosting companies that meet your needs and buy your hosting plan.

Great things start with an idea, if you cannot do it alone, share the idea with a family member, your friend, or colleague. Start small and be consistent.

As we used to always emphasize, to be successful in blogging, you need to read a lot and pay attention to every detail. You should also be creative. You don’t have a blog? here is how you can open one and make money from it

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