You will be surprised to know who is the owner of Facebook

When you do a simple Google search of who is the owner of the Facebook, a simple answer you will get is Mark Zuckerberg.

But is that the correct answer in recent years? Below I have answered your questions and you will be surprised to know how facts changed about who is the real owner of Facebook.

Facebook is the conventional social media and the most used in the world with the number of monthly users at 2.89 billion.

Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in the year 2004 with his friends while he was at Harvard and he is the chief executive officer of the company that recently changed its name to META, but is he the owner of the company now? Let’s look at some new facts and see if the answer you get from a simple Google search is true.

Before looking at these facts, why do you want to know the owner of Facebook?

It may be just out of curiosity, some may even say it is a stupid question, as I have seen in some forums because they assumed they know and everyone should know it is Zuckerberg.

You may want to know the owner of Facebook because of research you are doing or because you want to be inspired, or you want to start a social media company. Whatever your reason is, you will find the right information in this post.

The facts that changed about Facebook ownership

After it’s IPO in 2012, Mark Zuckerberg owns 28 percent stake in Facebook and that is what many people know but his holdings reduced as time goes by.

Since the Initial public offering, Zuckerberg has sold more than 132 million shares of Facebook

Going public with Facebook means that Zuckerberg is no longer the sole owner of the company because many others have purchased shares of the company.

Out of their philanthropic gesture, Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan had promised to give 99 percent of their share in Facebook as donations to education and developing cures for various diseases.

From November 9 2020 to July 2021, Zuckerberg has been selling Facebook shares every business day. And he now owns only 14 percent stake in Facebook.

But he is still the Majority shareholder, and the fifth richest person in the world, he is worth 122 billion USD in 2021.

Who are the other majority shareholders in Facebook?

There are other shareholders that share the ownership of Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, below are the top 10 with the most number of shares.

The Vanguard group, Inc 7.30%

Fidelity management and research company 5.12%

BlackRock Fund Advisors 4.28%

T.Rowe Price Associates, Inc. 4.10%

SSgA funds management, Inc. 3.91%

Capital Research and Management Company 2.07%

Capital Research and Management Company 1.96%

Capital Research and Management Company 1.71%

Geode Capital Management LLC 1.68%

Norges Bank investment Management 1.25%


Who is the owner of Facebook

With what we have read above, Now let us answer the question who is the owner of Facebook?

From the above data, we can conclude that Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of Facebook but is no longer the sole owner of the company.

The owner of Facebook is not one person or one company but a group of people and companies that bought shares of the Facebook who are called shareholders.


I hope you now know the real owner of Facebook. The above information told you about how Zuckerberg founded Facebook with his friends and the company’s IPO in 2012.

You have also read about how the stake of Mark Zuckerberg in Facebook has been reducing since the IPO from 28 percent to 14 percent.

You also read about the top 10 shareholders of Facebook.

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